Summer School

Stay on Track with Widener's All-Year Plan.

We know you've got big goals and we want to help you meet them. With our flexible summer school programs and on-campus, on-line, evening, and Saturday formats, we make it easy for you to pick up extra credits toward your undergraduate degree.

Enroll in Widener University's summer sessions. In addition to moving closer to graduation, you can:

  • Jump ahead so that you can consider a co-op or a semester abroad.
  • Enroll in a prerequisite course for a program you'll start in the fall.
  • Check out new subjects that interest you.
  • Transfer courses back to your home institution.


We know you've got obligations outside of school. So we've come up with a range of formats and locations to fit your schedule. Don't just sit back this summer - explore your options at Widener University.

Contact an academic advisor or set up your personalized information session to learn more about Summer School at Widener University.