ACT 48 and 48/PIL

Education at Widener has a system in place for reporting up to a maximum of six ACT 48 or 48/PIL credits. If you wish to have your courses credited toward ACT 48 or 48/PIL requirements and reported to your school and the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), you must submit a signed and completed Request for ACT 48 or 48/PIL Course Reporting Form each semester for which you want a report submitted. Please remember when completing the form that Widener will not report more than six credits in each fiver year certification program.

ACT 48 and 48/PIL Reporting Form

Course completions are filed online with PDE within one month of our receipt of your request. Letters of confirmation will be sent to you and the school entitiy you indicate on the form shortly after your courses have been reported to PDE.

Always be sure to check with your school administrator to be sure the credits you are taking will apply and are included in your professional education plan.

For further information on ACT 48 or 48/PIL requirements, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Widener University's provider number for credit courses is 1437. For questions regarding Widener's policies on ACT 48 or 48/PIL, please contact Dr. John Flynn.

Completed forms can be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to:

John Flynn, Ph.D.
Hyatt Hall
Widener University
One University Place
Chester, PA 19013
Phone: (610) 499-4490
Fax: (610) 499-4623