Allied Health

The Master’s Degree in Allied Health Education is designed for allied health and related health professionals who teach in community colleges, hospital-based programs and community health related fields. It prepares students for expanded roles in teaching and educational administration. This program is offered online.

Program Features and Curricular Objectives

Graduates of this program will:

  • Be prepared to lead and work in an allied health field in a community college, hospital-based program, community setting, or other educational institution. 
  • Apply the pedagogy needed to function as educators in academic, clinical, and community settings.
  • Become sensitive to the health care environment in which they work, so that they can respond and lead change.
  • Know and understand the importance and differentiation between certification, licensure, registration, and accreditation.

Recommended Curriculum 

Master of Education in Allied Health (MED.ALLH)
ED 583 Education of Adults from a Developmental Perspective 3 Credits
PRWR 580 Professional Communication for Allied Health 3 Credits
ALLH 530 Issues in Diversity & Culture for Allied Health Professionals 3 Credits
ED 510 Applications in Educational Research 3 Credits
  Professional Core  
ALLH 540 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care 3 Credits
ALLH 550 Health Care Education 3 Credits
ALLH 620 Trends in Health Care 3 Credits
ALLH 630 Assessment in Allied Health Care Education 3 Credits
ALLH 640 Health Care Policy 3 Credits
ALLH 650 Portfolio Project 3 Credits
  Total Credits Required: 30 Credits

Is This Program For You?

Widener’s program in allied health is for you if you:

  • Need a flexible, online program which can be tailored to your 24/7/365 work schedule in the healthcare field.
  • Are an allied health professional with increased overall educational requirements.
  • Are an educator, manager, or researcher in an allied health field who needs a more advanced degree for career stability or mobility.
  • Are interested in a program which emphasizes teamwork, leadership, education, and communication.

To learn more about the Masters in Allied Health Education, please contact:

John C Flynn, PhD
Assistant Dean, School of Education, Innovation, and Continuing Studies
Hyatt Hall 119