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Counselor Education

Dr. Susan Schaming talks about Widener's graduate programs in counselor education.

The Master's in Counselor Education is one of the most respected programs of its kind in the tri-state area. It is designed specifically for people who want to become professional counselors in public education.

Graduate students concentrate their education on the complexities of counseling in either the elementary or secondary levels. Widener’s Counselor Education program offers professionals the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to become an effective, understanding, and compassionate resource for students in either elementary or secondary schools.

Counselor Education candidates at Widener develop counseling, educational and leadership skills grounded in scholarship, educational research, and best practices. The program is guided by its conceptual framework which emphasizes academic excellence, collaboration, diversity, life long learning with a commitment to technology and best practices. This flexible program can be attended either part of full-time. Most of our students are working counselors or educators seeking to change professional focus who can easily fit this program into their professional schedules because classes are held once a week in the evening. The Counselor Education masters program prepares counselors and educators for greater success in their profession by preparing them for the challenges and changes found in education.

At Widener, students find a customized approach to earning their masters degree. They can shape and tailor their practicum experience to focus on areas that are congruent with their research interests and career goals. They can build on their undergraduate education and professional experiences through their course work. Most of our students report that they find they can apply their studies immediately to their daily professional activities.

Graduate students in the Counselor Education program find a supportive environment and respected faculty who help the student construct a foundation for career enrichment and success in the field of counselor education. Widener faculty members work closely with degree candidates to facilitate student success. Students quickly become effective and efficient leaders in this program because they are supported by faculty who act as mentors and offer a high level of personal attention.

Who enrolls?

Most students have typically worked in education for at least three years and have established themselves in the profession. Students can also earn their elementary or secondary school Counselor certification through this program.They enroll because they want to advance in their career and to enrich their professional growth through a master’s degree.

The Counselor Education masters program allows one to focus on either elementary or secondary school counseling. This option allows students to specialize in an area congruent with one’s career goals.