Educational Foundations

The Master's Program in Educational Foundations is designed for educators in K-12 or higher Ed. who are looking to increase and improve their pedagogical skills. The Educational Foundations program attracts students who are working in the field of education and who already possess any pertinent certifications. This program will expand its students’ qualifications and increase their marketability. Educational Foundations is a flexible, part-time program which can be tailored to fit the needs and schedule of working educators. Classes are held during the week in the evenings and the many options in the curriculum provide opportunities for students to focus on specific interests and disciplines. Relevant masters-level courses can be transferred in, and most students complete the degree in less than two years. 

Program Features/Curricular Objectives

  • Class schedules are flexible and part-time: created to accommodate working professionals in the field of education. 
  • Students earn an M. Ed. (Masters of Education)
  • Students receive individualized attention, and can direct their own learning through electives and independent study. 
  • Faculty in this program are incredibly knowledgeable and are experts in their disciplines. 
  • Widener inspires academic excellence; teaching students to access accurate, current knowledge of the literature in the field of education.
  • Graduates go on to become leaders in the classroom: both in K-12 and Higher Education. 

"Educating Ourselves to Educate" 

  • Teachers in the program are products of the program – their focus is on pedagogy and enhancing student learning. 
  • Widener’s Educational Foundations program provides rich opportunities for: community engagement, team building, and problem solving.
  • Students in the program spend time on curriculum development, educational measurement and assessment, research and theory, educational technology. 
  • The Center for Education at Widener University emphasizes self-motivated learning; the Educational Foundations offers many options within its requirements to allow students the opportunity to guide their learning in their specific disciplines. 

Curriculum Ladder

The Educational Foundations M.Ed. Program requires only 10 courses for completion. Built into the curriculum are many options for students to direct their own experience.

Type of Course
Number of Courses Req.
Course Number
Course Name
App. Of Ed Research
Foundations(CHOOSE 5 COURSES)
Foundations of Ed. Measurement
Social Foundations of Ed.
Alternative Ed. Models
School Law & Child Rights
Instructional Psychology
History & Philosophy of Ed
Curriculum Theory
Professional Core
Classroom Discipline and School Discipline
Needs & Nurture of Gifted Children
Current Issues in Elem. & Sec. Ed.
Computers & Tech for Educators
Independent Study
Independent Study in Ed.
Curriculum Devel. Project
              TOTAL                     10 COURSES                        30 CREDITS


Is This Program For You?

Prospective students, this program is for you if you want to:

  •  Improve your classroom effectiveness
  • Supplement your previous education with strong educational foundations which may have been lacking in a program more focused on specialization or content area
  • Choose your path and focus your time on courses which better meet your needs in the field
  • Become more marketable by having a higher degree; increase your job opportunities? 

To learn more about the Masters Program in Educational Foundations, please contact:

Susan Schaming, EdD

(610) 499-4355