English And Language Arts Education

The Masters Program in English and Language Arts Education is designed specifically for people who want to focus their professional development on teaching English and Language Arts in either secondary or middle years programs. Widener’s English and Language Arts Education program offers its students the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to become understanding and compassionate educators while functioning as effective leaders in their schools. 

Program Features and Curricular Objectives

  • Students can earn a Masters in English and Language Arts Education as well as their Initial 1 Certification, or can choose to simply complete the certification.
  • This is a flexible Program and can be attended full-time or part-time. Classes are offered on weekends and weeknights.
  •  Students can choose to prepare for careers in secondary education or middle years education.
  •  Widener is home to a mentoring faculty that gives students personal attention.
  • Students learn to access accurate, current knowledge of the literature in the field of English and Language Arts education.
  •  Graduates inspire a commitment to lifelong learning in the students with whom they work. 

Is This Program For You?

Widener’s program in English and Language Arts Education attracts students seeking a Masters program with an established record of successful graduates. Prospective students, whether you are currently a teacher or right out of college, this program is for you if you want to:

  • Work within communities of educators and learners.
  •  Expand upon your prior education and professional experiences to extend your certification area to include English and language arts.
  •  Increase your effectiveness as a secondary or middle years English and Language Arts teacher.
  •  Earn certifications in English and Language Arts for secondary or middle school years teaching.
  • Transition from early childhood or elementary education to content area teaching.
  •  Become more marketable by having more certifications; increase your  job opportunities
  • Offer your school an RTI instructional intervention in English and Language Arts; designed to provide early, effective assistance to children who are having difficulty learning in the content area. 


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To learn more about the Masters Program in English and Language Arts Education, please contact:

Dr. Dana Reisboard