Special Education: Assistive Technologies

We are pleased to announce the availability of scholarships for this program. Contact Dr. Merry Staulters for more information.

The Master of Education Program in Assistive Technologies is designed for the K-12 Certified Teacher who is looking to expand his/her knowledge of technologies for diverse learners.

Widener’s program in Assistive Technologies will train certified educators to use modern and cutting-edge technologies to better assist and reach students with physical, communication, learning, and intellectual disabilities. Whether you are a Special Education teacher, or a general education teacher with differently-abled learners , this program will prepare you to better meet the needs of those students. Please note: this is not a teacher certification program.

Program Features

This unique program will offer students the opportunity to:

  • Learn about and remain up-to-date with all of the latest technology available to educators to assist students with special needs.
  • Utilize technologies in Special Education classrooms to further learning in students with intellectual and physical disabilities.
  • Incorporate technologies into typical classroom settings to engage students of all abilities.
  • Meet student’s accommodations through the use of assistive technologies in the classroom.
Is this program for you?

This program is designed for certified educators. Teachers in special education classrooms or typical classrooms can benefit from training in Assistive Technologies. You should enroll in this program if you want to:

  • Learn to use the newest technology and techniques for the education of students with a wide range of abilities.
  • Increase your marketability by adding another related degree to your resume.
  • Provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to assess and reduce/eliminate instructional and environmental barriers for all learners.

Program of Study (30 credits)

Research (3 semester hours)
*ED 510 Applications in Educational Research 3
Foundations (6 semester hours)
ED 503 Foundations of Educational Measurement 3
ED 506 School Law & Child Rights 3
ED 507 Instructional Psychology 3
ED 513 Classroom Management 3
Professional Core (21 semester hours)
Select 2-3 of the following courses.
**ED 551 Introduction to Special Education 3
TED 502 Software Applications & Integration 3
TED 504 Technology & Leadership 3
TED 530 Instructional Design & Integration 3
TED 531 Hypermedia Application & Integration 3
TED 532 Media Design & Integration 3
TED 533 Introduction to Assistive Technologies 3
At least 3 of the following 4 courses must be completed.
TED 534 Assistive Technologies for Individuals
with Communication Disorders
TED 535 Assistive Technologies for Individuals
with Sensory Impairments
TED 536 Assistive Technology Assessment for
Special Education
ED 5710 Travel Instruction for Persons with
Intellectual and/or Physical Disabilities
A field-based practical experience is required.
***TED 5710 Practicum in Assistive & Instructional Technology 3

* — Required of all students pursuing a master's degree.

** — Students without previous coursework in foundations/introductions to special education would need to take ED 551 in their first semester.

*** — Required of all students.