Elementary Education: The Middle Years

Widener University is taking a leading role in preparing the teachers of tomorrow to meet the educational challenges of the 21st century. Our education faculty members are looking to the future, probing the sociological and economical forecasts to determine the shape and character of education for the next generation. With innovation in mind, we design curricula to prepare the teachers of tomorrow.

Students interested in Elementary Education: The Middle Years (4 -8), will have the opportunity to specialize in one of four content areas:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies

This program leads to certification for grades 4 - 8 and provides special emphasis on the psychology and learning styles of the middle-level child. Field experience and content are directly related to this age group and will prepare teacher candidates to enter the teaching profession with a thorough knowledge of the teaching and learning process of middle-level students.

Field placements are the hallmark of our Education programs. Pre-service teacher candidates gain hands-on experience in local schools beginning in their first education class. This program combines excellent instruction in the classroom with field experiences from the initial class and culminates in student teaching.