School of Engineering



Dr. Fred Akl

Dr. Fred Akl is dean of the School of Engineering.

Research Highlight

dipendu saha, chemical engineering

Dr. Dipendu Saha

Dr. Dipendu Saha, assistant professor of chemical engineering is researching methane adsorption in micro-mesoporous carbons.

Are you inspired to solve the technological problems of tomorrow? If you are, Widener’s School of Engineering offers you a choice of five majors that will prepare you for career opportunities, as well as graduate programs that offer a diverse array of opportunities for those seeking an advanced degree.

Students work closely with expert faculty in small classes, learning the fundamentals of engineering while exploring its many practical applications. Experiential learning opportunities, such as senior projects, cooperative education opportunities, and internships offer students other ways to learn through Widener’s many community and industry partnerships.

The School of Engineering equips students with an action-oriented entrepreneurial mindset, along with innovation and leadership skills, such as its involvement in the residence hall Living Learning Communities (LLC). These LLC teams encourage entering freshmen to join the dynamic community of students who explore engineering through hands-on, innovative fun!

Rigorous Academics

You’ll definitely get to know your engineering professors at Widener. Our student to faculty ratio in the School of Engineering is 16-to-1, meaning our students get individualized attention from their teachers in and out of the classroom. Undergraduates here also conduct research with faculty members on their own areas of specialty.

Diverse Classroom & Field Learning Experiences

Engineering is about testing ideas and putting them to work. To help students get a jump start on their careers, we offer the optional cooperative education program. Both undergraduate and graduate students are placed in highly paid 12-month positions. You can complete your co-op and still finish your degree on time.

Undergraduate Majors