Contact Information

Rudy Treichel
Assistant Dean, Director of Graduate Programs
School of Engineering
Kirkbride Hall, Room 101
Tel: 610-499-1294

Kara Barnard
Kirkbride Hall, Room 101
tel: 610-499-4198

Roberta D. Nolan, EdD
Graduate Enrollment Management
Muller Hall
Tel: 610-499-4129

Graduate Cooperative Education

Widener University’s School of Engineering now offers an optional graduate-level cooperative educational experience to qualified students. The program is intended to assist qualified students in supplementing their graduate studies while preparing them for employment in the professional sector.

Criteria for Admission

The minimum grade point average to qualify for the program is 3.0. Students must maintain a grade point average at or above 3.0 during the entire tenure of employment. International students may participate in the graduate co-op program after their first year of full-time studies.

Application Process

The School of Engineering’s Office of Graduate & Special Programs will identify and notify qualified students each semester. Students interested in participating in graduate co-op should start the process at the beginning of the semester preceding their intended co-op work term.

Once contacted by the Office of Graduate and Special Programs, the first step in the process is to schedule an appointment with the Widener University Director of Co-operative Education. Students must submit a draft resume for review, and attend a series of required orientation seminars. The co-op office will then assist students with identifying and contacting potential co-op employers.

Before making a commitment with a co-op employer, the student must consult with his/her faculty advisor for approval. After securing the approval of the faculty advisor's approval, students must get approval from the Office of Graduate & Special Programs. International students must also seek approval from the Office of International Student Services.

Students then register for the graduate co-operative education course with the Office of Graduate and Special Programs.

Program Completion

Students are required to successfully complete their employment term, meeting all job requirements specified by the employer, and submit a report to their academic advisors discussing the assignment.

Students may register for graduate co-op a maximum of three consecutive or non-consecutive semesters. The graduate Co-op educational experience must not exceed fifty-one weeks.

Program Costs

These (3) credit course per credit hour plus fees (partially refundable if employment position ends through no fault of the student). Credit-hour rate subject to change.


The graduate co-operative education course is worth (3) credit hours. The course is not applicable toward the degree requirements of any engineering discipline. The course is graded on a pass/fail basis.

Cooperative Services

After assisting students with resume development and interviewing skills, the Co-op office will provide information about open co-op positions with engineering firms and will assist students in contacting potential co-op employers. Additionally, once a student has secured a position, the Co-op office will conduct a site visit to meet with the student, his/her supervisor and the academic advisor.

Faculty Advisor

A faculty advisor will be assigned to each student who participates in co-op. Faculty advisors will approve potential cooperative education positions after a formal offer of employment is made to qualified students.

Participating students will be required to conduct two meetings with their advisors. The first meeting is to secure approval to work, and the second meeting is to submit a final report about the placement. After receiving input from both the Cooperative Education Office and the student’s employer at the end of the period of employment, faculty advisors will assign a grade of pass or fail.