Graduate Chemical Engineering

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The chemical engineering graduate program offers advanced study, with core courses in thermodynamics, transport phenomena, reaction kinetics, and applied mathematics. A wide range of technical electives is available to accommodate the interests of the individual student. The program is intended to confer proficiency in process analysis, synthesis, and design. The Environmental Engineering option or emphasis in biotechnology via course work and thesis provide the background to apply advanced techniques of chemical engineering to problems in these areas, which are important fields of professional activity for chemical engineers. The thesis option provides additional flexibility—particularly for students pursuing a career in research and development. The option is also valuable for those who wish to carry out an experimental or computer software development program in an area of special interest to them.

Curriculum–Required Courses Credit Hours
ENGR 611 Operations Research 3
ENGR 616 Engineering Mathematics I 3
ENGR 618 Probability and Statistics 3
Technical Electives* 15
ENGR 691 Thesis I or Technical Elective 3
ENGR 692 Thesis II or Technical Elective 3
Technical Elective for Non-Thesis Students 3
Choose two of the three engineering mathematics courses with the approval of the student's advisor.
*Technical Electives
ENGR 600 Engineering Project Management
ENGR 602 Process Dynamics in Environmental Systems
ENGR 603 Topics in Surface Water Hydrology & Water Quality Modeling
ENGR 604 Environmental Law for Engineers
ENGR 605 Advanced Water & Wastewater Systems
ENGR 606 Waste Incineration & Energy Recovery
ENGR 607 Hazardous Waste Management
ENGR 608 Municipal Solid Waste Engineering Systems
ENGR 609 Air Pollution Control
ENGR 610 Groundwater Pollution Remediation
ENGR 612 Stochastic Optimization
ENGR 614 Engineering Management
ENGR 619 Technical Communications
ENGR 621 Transport Phenomena*
ENGR 622 Mass-Transfer Operations
ENGR 623 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics*
ENGR 624 Applied Reaction Kinetics & Catalysis*
ENGR 625 Bioseparations
ENGR 626 Process Modeling and Simulation
ENGR 636 Finite Elements
ENGR 637 Environmental Planning & Assessment
ENGR 681 Fluid Mechanics
ENGR 683 Heat Transfer
ENGR 684 Heat Transfer Processes
ENGR 686 Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning
ENGR 694 Special Graduate Engineering Topics
ENGR 695 Independent Research