Graduate Electrical Engineering

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The electrical engineering program is designed to provide students with a choice of specialized fields of study. The objective is to enhance professional skills through advanced technical courses that build upon a foundation of mathematical, experimental, and modern computational methods.

Students may select one of the following groups: modern communications, or hardware and software. Students entering the program are expected to have a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. However, students with other undergraduate backgrounds may qualify for admissions and will be considered on an individual basis.

Curriculum–Required Courses Credit Hours
Core Courses* 9
Technical Elective 3
Two courses from each Technical Group** 12
ENGR 691 Thesis I or Technical Elective 3
ENGR 692 Thesis II or Technical Elective 3
Technical Elective for Non-Thesis Students 3
*Core Courses Credit Hours
ENGR 600 Engineering Project Management 3
ENGR 616 Engineering Mathematics I or ENGR 618 Engineering Statistics and Probability 3
ENGR 619 Technical Communications 3
**Group I Technical Electives: Modern Communications
ENGR 645 Optical Communication Systems
ENGR 647 Satellite Communications
ENGR 648 Geographic Information Processing
ENGR 650 Advanced Computer Network Design
ENGR 652 Wireless and Cellular Telecommunications
ENGR 657 Communications Systems
ENGR 658 Computer Communications
ENGR 659 Digital Signal Processing
ENGR 664 Simulation of Computer Systems
ENGR 689 Mobile Computing
**Group II Technical Electives: Hardware and Software
ENGR 644 Microwave Devices and Circuits
ENGR 654 Algorithms and Data Structures
ENGR 655 Microelectronic Circuit Design
ENGR 656 Microelectronic System Design
ENGR 660 Operating System Kernel Integrals
ENGR 661 Database Engineering I
ENGR 663 Object-Oriented Programming
ENGR 665 Telecommunications Software
ENGR 667 Design of Computer Structures
ENGR 668 Computer Graphics
ENGR 670 Simulation of Business Processes
ENGR 687 E-Business Platforms
ENGR 694 Embedded Systems