• School of Engineering

      • Kirkbride Hall
      • tel: 610-499-4037
      • fax: 610-499-4059
    • Dr. Zhongping Huang

      • Chairman of Biomedical Engineering
      • Kirkbride Hall, Room 269A
      • tel: 610-499-4249
      • zhuang@widener.edu
    • Michelle Keller

      • Secretary of Biomedical Engineering
      • Kirkbride Hall, Room 269
      • tel: 610-499-4033
      • makeller@widener.edu

Faculty Research

Our biomedical engineering faculty have done groundbreaking work in artificial kidneys and hemodialysis, swallowing disorders, cardiovascular biomechanics, and minimizing brain injury during surgical procedures. Undergraduate research opportunities in these and other areas are open for qualified students.

Most faculty of the School of Engineering consists primarily of full-time teachers, all of whom have earned their doctorates and many of whom have significant industrial experience. The faculty is supplemented by several competent adjunct professors from industry. In addition to teaching and research, faculty are active in professional societies as technical editors, as consultants to industry, and in offering continuing education seminars in areas of current technology.

The faculty that make up the biomedical engineering department come from a variety of backgrounds including mechanical and chemical engineering, as biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary area of study incorporating many elements of engineering.