Gamal Amer

Adjunct Associate Professor
B. Sc., Chemical Engineering, Cairo University
M.S., Ph. D., Chemical Engineering Virginia Tech
tel: 610-499-4051
Area of Specialization: Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice, Quality Assurance in Drug and Medical Device Production. Basic Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

David H.T. Chen

Adjunct Professor
B.S., Cheng Kung University
M.S., University of Rhode Island
PH.D., University of Rochester
P.E., Delaware
tel: 610-499-4049
Area of Specialization: process design, process development, heat and mass transfer, environmental engineering

Robert N. Cochran

Adjunct Associate Professor
B.S., Westminster College
Ph.D., Michigan State University
tel: 610-499-4047
Area of Specialization: Catalysis, Kinetics and Process development

C. Michael Kelly

Professor & Acting Chairman
tel: 610-499-4050

Arthur Lallo

Adjunct Associate Professor
ASMT Williamson School
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, M.S., Engineering Management, Widener University
M.B.A., Widener University
Ed.D., Widener University
Area of Specialization: Engineering with emphasis on engineering management ( project management, corporate dynamics, technology, leadership, finance

Charles R. Nippert

Adjunct Professor
B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Lehigh University
P.E., Pennsylvania
tel: 610-499-4050
Area of Specialization: computer simulation, process control

Gerassimos Orkoulas

Assistant Professor
B.S., University of Patras
Ph.D., Cornell University
tel: 610-499-4049
Area of Specialization: multiscale modeling, process control, molecular simulation, thermodynamics

Sachin Patil

Assistant Professor
B.S., Shivaji University
M.S., University of Mumbai
Ph.D., Michigan State University
tel: 610-499-4492
Area of Specialization: Brain Disorders (Alzheimer's Disease), Drug Discovery and Development, Nanotechnology

Dipendu Saha

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, New Mexico State University
Postdoctoral Research, Materials Science and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
tel: 610-499-4056
Area of Specialization: nanoporous materials for energy, environmental, and biological applications