Alumni Spotlight

Ann Bowe '06
Executive Director
Heritage Commons: Independent Living Williamsburg, VA.

Anne Bowes

Why did you choose Widener? What distinguishes Widener from other schools?

It afforded me the opportunity to continue working while I obtained my masters degree in the evening. The curriculum was varied and closely matched my career path while continuing to challenge me. And of course, the fact that my father was an alumnus helped guide me.

Widener has grown since I first received my undergraduate degree, but it still maintains a small, personal environment.

You never feel overwhelmed and can get personalized attention. The professors are truly vested in your education and career path.

How did your Widener education help you get to where you are in your career today?

In order for me to grow in my career, I had to continue to develop my leadership skills. My professional experience and civic involvement helped me to develop those skills. However, I needed more. 

Obtaining my degree, as well as writing a thesis, really gave me the boost that I needed in my career. Organizations really look for people with a well-rounded background and additional education is a great opportunity to show that you have that diversity. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without my Widener degree.

What is one of your most memorable experiences or events while a student at the School of Hospitality Management?

I have attended so many events at Widener. However, one of my more enjoyable events was going to dinner for the Dining Series. Our class went as part of our curriculum to critique the undergraduate class. It was a great way to encourage the undergraduates and as well as a bonding opportunity for all of us.