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School of Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Experience

Watch the video and get a friendly reception from our students, professors, and alumni as they describe their hospitality experience.

Hospitality management is way more than just event planning or concierge service. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that serves the global marketplace, employing millions of people in fields like lodging, catering, travel, and tourism.

As the world continues to get smaller, the need for industry leaders grows. At Widener University’s School of Hospitality Management, students are prepared for dynamic and successful careers in a number of hospitality industries, ranging from hotels and resorts to restaurants, country clubs, sports arenas, healthcare facilities, and other venues.

Seems like a big job, right? Here’s how we get it done.

Rigorous Academics

We’re the only hospitality program in the Delaware Valley approved by ACPHA, the industry’s accreditation body. This means that out of about 250 similar programs across the country, we’re one of the 57 that have shown that we meet the highest standards of quality--  with faculty, facilities, support services, and curriculum.

Diverse Classroom & Field Experiences

100% placement in paid hospitality coop jobs

Students can get their hands dirty on Day One. In addition to on-site visits at destinations like Citizens Bank Park, hospitality majors must take a number of laboratory classes that acquaint them with kitchens and other types of industry-specific workspaces.

We believe strongly in educating generalists, so the School of Hospitality Management 

requires its students to complete two 400-hour paid summer field experiences in different roles, different companies, or better yet, different segments of the hospitality industry.

This does triple duty — it gives students an insider’s look at what working in the field is really like, it offers the chance to learn early on what you don’t want to do, and it makes students more marketable to potential employers.

Students can then build on those work experiences through the school’s nationally recognized 15-week cooperative education program, where students supplement a 40-hour work week with a seminar in leadership development.

Leadership Opportunities

Tomorrow’s successful hospitality leaders will need a global perspective, so we work with a number of international partners—in places like Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Switzerland—to connect our students with the learning experiences that will give them an edge.

Students can also get leadership experience closer to home by participating in local chapters of national organizations like:

International students who want to study hospitality management may need to join the international first year hospitality pathway.

Industry Connections

We definitely talk the talk, but you should know that we walk the walk, too.

Through continued relationships with our alumni in our alumni network, our students get face time with industry leaders when they either come to campus for guest lectures or we go to them for site visits and other field trips. On average, we have more than 40 companies actively recruiting on campus.

We’re also proud to say our connections help us place the vast majority of our graduates in full-time jobs within several months of commencement.