Hospitality Management Career Fair 2013

Career Fair

30 Companies Attended

Students met one-on-one with employers to discuss career opportunities.

The School of Hospitality Management offers a quality Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis on field experience and hospitality leadership.

Widener University graduates leave with an average of two or three offers of employment. Here are several reasons for the excellence and success of the program:

On the Job Experience

A minimum of 1,400 hours of industry experience gives Widener students a distinct advantage in the job market. The cooperative education semester combines 40 hours per week of paid, on-the-job experience with a weekly, six-hour leadership development seminar.

Co-op placements are carefully matched to each student's interests and career goals. A curricular requirement worth 15 credits, this on-the-job semester is extremely valuable to both the student's confidence and resume.