MSN to PhD

Program Overview

The primary goal of the accelerated MSN/PhD program is to prepare nurses for advanced practice and leadership roles in nursing education at a quicker pace that the separate degree programs. Graduates will provide leadership as practitioners, teachers, and scholars in support of evidence-based practice for nursing, health care, and education. 

This program of study, which builds on baccalaureate nursing education, is designed to prepare nurse faculty leaders to facilitate learning, engage in professional and community service, conduct research, and advance nursing education within higher education. The master's component prepares nurses with an educator role focus or an APRN focus such as family nurse practitioner (FNP) or adult-gerontology clinical nurse specialist (CNS). Graduates will be awarded a MSN degree at the end of the master's component and are prepared to take national certification examinations. The doctoral component of the accelerated program has a special focus on the creation and dissemination of new knowledge gained from disciplined inquiry that advances the profession of nursing education and its practice. The PhD degree will be awarded upon successful completion of all doctoral requirements, including the dissertation.