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Alumni Spotlight: Ruth A. Wittmann-Price '06

Alum Profile Pic

PhD Nursing


Florence, SC

Current Position

Professor and Chairperson
Francis Marion University, Florence

My Widener Experience

why did you decide to pursue a doctorate at widener?

After 20 years of perinatal nursing clinical practice, I began teaching at a diploma school of nursing in PA and realized that other nurse educators had doctorates so I was inspired to look into schools. I applied to my alma mater, Columbia University (CU), and Widener because a colleague, Dr. Sue Scholtz, told me how wonderful her experience was. After being accepted to both, I looked at which one fit my career goals the best. CU wanted me to focus on a public health issue, and Widener was flexible and welcomed my research in the inpatient field of women's health.

if you were to do your college experience at widener again, what wouldn't you change?

I would not change the format of the learning environment. Professors cared about me personally, and there was a one-on-one connection that developed face-to-face in the classroom. I journeyed through my program with a cohort of people that are still dear to me, and we have spontaneous reunions. Basically what I am trying to articulate is that I felt cared for as a person and a scholar, and I will ever be thankful to the awesome faculty at Widener University for that.

My Professional Experience

how has widener prepared you for life after college?

Widener absolutely prepared me for my career. During my first interview for a research-intensive position, the interviewer said, "I am so impressed you published your concept analysis before you graduated." I only have my professors to thank for that; they challenged me to submit it. I got that job and realized three years later that I had the confidence to apply for the wonderful position I am in now.

what advice would you give a prospective student considering your doctorate program?

Widener University was a great choice for me, because they allowed me to study the subject that I was passionate about and challenged me to make it a life-altering piece of work. Consider your career goals and the end product you want when you are done with your dissertation. Do not cheat yourself, enroll in a renown program like Widener, and produce a legacy.