Student Research, PhD Nursing

A core outcome of the PhD program is that students independently conduct and communicate research that advances and extends knowledge in the field of nursing.

Completed Doctoral Dissertations

hilary barnes

Hilary Barnes

“A Study of Nurse Practitioner Role Transition Through Examination of the Specific Relationships of Desire for Feedback, Desire for Control, and the Number of Years of Prior Registered Nurse Experience” (December 2013)




deborah stavarski

Deborah Stavarski

“Patients’ and nurses’ perceptions of hope-engendering nurse interventions and their influence on patients’ perception of hope during health/illness transitions” (May 2014)





Brenda Kucirka

Brenda Kucirka

“Navigating the faculty-student relationship: A grounded theory of interacting with nursing students with mental health issues” (May 2013)




Susan Mills

Susan Mills

“Grounded theory of the process of conceptual understanding in baccalaureate nursing students learning medication calculations” (May 2012)





Maria Olenick

“Attitudes of health care faculty toward inter-professional education and inter-professional health care teams” (August 2012)