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Center for Simulation and Computerized Testing

School of Nursing
Founders Hall

Dawn E. Ferry, MSN, RN
tel: 610-499-4215

Office of the Dean
Deborah R. Garrison, PhD, RN
tel: 610-499-4213

Clinical Simulation Labs

The School of Nursing's Clinical Simulation Labs are designed to simulate clinical experiences to prepare undergraduate nursing students for “real life” situations.

These clinical simulation labs allow the student to learn hands-on, giving them opportunities to make mistakes without harming anyone, strengthening critical thinking, team work, and decision-making skills. Students start in the lab in the spring of sophomore year and they learn basic skills. As they progress through the program they continue to develop more complex skills. Students spend time working through scenarios that help them put everything together and to make nursing decisions relevant to their patient.

The Clinical Simulation Labs are housed on the second floor of Old Main. The labs are designed to replicate the hospital setting. The School of Nursing started off with one SimMan simulator in 2006. Through a recent grant funded through the Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Foundation, Widener was able to obtain a SimMan and a baby Hal simulator. Widener now has three SimMen, Noelle (a birthing simulator), two baby Hal simulators, and a simulated apartment. The simulated apartment replicates a patient’s home.

In addition to the simulation labs, many resources are available for to students to use. We have a lab strictly for nursing students with computers fully loaded with the latest nursing programs as well as up-to-date books and DVDs.

Students are encouraged to use the labs. Open labs are available to students at certain times, which are posted in the CSCT. Students are also encouraged to drop in!