Contact Information

School of Nursing
Founders Hall

Alyssa Fiume
WUSNA President

Rose Schwartz, PhD, RN
tel: 610-499-4228

Joyce Rasin, PhD, RN
Community Liaison
tel: 610-499-4234


WUSNA is the Widener University Student Nurses’ Association and it is proudly run by the students of Widener University.

Being involved with nursing extracurricular activities is one of the most important aspects of being a nursing student and WUSNA is the best way to take your first steps for becoming a dynamic student. WUSNA creates an active opportunity for nursing students to become intellectually engaged in events with their local school chapter, their community, and at the state level (with SNAP).

WUSNA members volunteer at Widener blood drives, and YOU CAN TOO! WUSNA members help make influenza kits for schools in the city of Chester and for Widener students , and YOU CAN TOO!

WUSNA members attend the annual SNAP convention, where Widener nursing scholars participate in academic events like the Laura Waters Nursing Challenge Bowl. YOU CAN TOO!

At WUSNA meetings, students discuss a variety of topics, such as current issues in nursing, what to expect as a nursing student, tips on how to apply for a job/externship/internship, or how to raise money for fellow nursing students.

Being a nursing student is wonderful and exciting in itself, but why not jolt it up a notch? Now is the time to join your fellow nursing students, come to WUSNA meetings and GET INVOLVED!!!

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