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Certificates and Awards, Business Administration

At the School of Business Administration we know connecting our students to industry will help them find jobs and expand their connections. Our close relationships with industry provide our students with the ability to achieve additional certificates and recognition which enhances their resume. We have students that go above and beyond and achieve greatness. Companies like SAP and SAS acknowledge our students with joint certificates and awards.

Certificates for Undergraduate Students   

Bloomberg Certificate

The finance industry runs on data, and Bloomberg is the primary tool for obtaining that data. Earning a Bloomberg Certificate means that you have the expertise required to access the work with key components of the Bloomberg system.

SAS Joint Certificate

Business Data or "Big Data" means information is growing exponentially and managers need the tools to analyze it. Professional who can work with big data will have the ability to progress in their field. Government, business, entertainment, and sports are all areas where analytical skills are needed. Learn more about the SAS Joint Certificate offered at Widener University.

SAP Student Recognition Award

Widener University's School of Business Administration has been a member of the SAP University Alliances program since 1998. The school of business offers the SAP Student Recognition Award to students in both the graduate and undergraduate degree programs who satisfactorily complete a minimum of three courses with at least one-third SAP hands-on content in each course. This enables students the opportunity to put theory into practice while preparing them for careers in a variety of industries.

Certificates for Graduate Students   

SAS Joint Certificate in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Employers need professionals who can work with and make sense of big data, which includes data preparation and visualization, applying proper statistical techniques, and communicating findings clearly. Business produces more and more data every day, but there is a shortage of professionals who can apply proper analytics and produce business intelligence. Because SAS is the leading vendor of analytics software, having skills with SAS is a huge plus. This graduate certificate signifies that SAS has approved the skills you’ve learned, and means that you are ready to meet the challenges of an exciting career in big data and analytics.

Graduate students are eligible for the SAS Joint Certificate in Business Intelligence and Analytics pending successful completion of the following four courses:

  •   BUS 615 (Information Systems and Data Analytics)
  •   IS 610 (Database Systems)
  •   IS 625 (Data Mining)
  •   IS 650 (Business Intelligence and Data Visualization)

Graduate students in the MS-BPI program and those in the MBA program with a data analytics concentration take all four of these courses as part of their curricula, and will automatically receive the certificate upon graduation.

For additional information about the SAS Joint Certificate, please contact Dr. Richard Goeke at or 610-499-1141.

School of Business Administration Certificate Programs

For professionals who are interested in growing their skill set at the graduate level without enrolling in a degree program, the Widener School of Business Administration offers a variety of certificates that help you get a leg-up on your career.

We offer certificates in the following areas:

  1. Accounting Information Systems
  2. Business Process Innovation
  3. Enterprise Resource Planning
  4. Health Care Management 
  5. Organizational Leadership
  6. Taxation

Academic credit earned in our certificate programs is fully transferable to the specific master's program associated with that certificate. Upon completion of the certificate with a GPA of 3.3 or higher, you may go directly into the specific master's degree program (except the MBA) associated with that certificate without having to take the GMAT. Credits earned in a certificate can also count as free electives in our MBA program.