Human Service Professions

With many connections to the region’s leading schools, agencies, clinics, hospitals and other health, education, and social service providers, the School of Human Service Professions presents you with the opportunity to develop a rewarding career, help your community, and add to your existing personal and professional accomplishments.

Why study in Widener University’s School of Human Service Professions?

Our programs provide you with experience that is essential for success in our four fields:

For example, students run the pro bono Chester Community Physical Therapy Clinic and offer psychological and counseling services to the community.

Many students collaborate on research projects with faculty members while others engage in study abroad educational experiences, including collaborative projects with Chongqing University in China and interdisciplinary study in the Netherlands, Chile, Italy, and Ireland.

From senior projects at the undergraduate level to dissertations at the doctoral level, all Widener students have the opportunity to make unique contributions to their respective fields with the assistance of world-renowned professionals.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs are highly respected with accreditations by national organizations, including the Council on Social Work Education, American Psychological Association, Pennsylvania Department of Education, and the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

If you want to integrate hands-on experiences in the human service professions with theoretical perspectives and research findings through interactions with faculty recognized for their excellence in teaching, Widener University has programs that will enable you to reach your career goals while making a difference in the community.