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  • Center for Education

    • Graduate Division
    • Hyatt Hall
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  • Dr. Marcia V. Bolton

Curriculum, Home & School Visitor (MEd)

The home & school visitor (school social work) program is designed to push students to become leading professionals in this challenging but rewarding career. Students will see a direct connection to what they are learning in class and what is going on in the field.


To qualify for the master of education degree in home & school visitor (school social work), candidates must meet the following degree requirements for a total of 36* credits within a total of six calendar years from the date of matriculation:

  • Foundations (9 semester hours)
  • Research (3 semester hours)
  • Professional Core (18 semester hours)
  • Practicum (6 semester hours) 

The master’s degree may be earned with 36 total credits—social work credits are transferable.

*The master’s degree and certification requires 39 credits— social work credits are transferable

Certification ONLY without a master’s degree is earned with 30–33 total credits.**

**BSW and MSW credits may be transferable for certification only; bachelor’s level credits are not transferable for any master’s degree credit.

Sample Courses 

View a selection of courses students typically take as a home & school visitor (school social work) graduate student.

ED 513 Classroom Management and School Discipline

A study of the issues involved with the control of behavior in a classroom setting. Topics include the identification of inappropriate behavior, psychological referral processes, psychological models for behavioral management in a classroom setting, educational solutions for inappropriate behavior, and the impact of inclusion upon classroom control. In addition, students have the opportunity of exploring the ethical, legal, and moral issues involved in various approaches to the management of behavior in a classroom setting.

ED 514 Social Work Intervention Skills for the Educational Setting

Topics include social work philosophy, values, goals, and methods of intervention. Communication skills and interviewing techniques are stressed. Social work theory, as it relates to practice in the educational setting, is covered through class presentations, discussions, readings, and exercises.

ED 555 Current Issues In Elementary And Secondary Education

The purpose of this course is to examine the major issues that are having an impact on public education. A wide range of problems is identified, and proposals for improving the quality of public education are presented. Students have the opportunity in the form of a research project to develop an action plan related to an issue of importance to their educational community.

ED 605-606 Practicum In School Social Work I & II

Students enrolled in this practicum spend 24 hours, or 3 days per week for one school semester, working in an educational setting. In this practicum course, students are expected to demonstrate appropriate professional commitment and ability to utilize proper skills and techniques appropriate to home and school visitors.

For more information about courses and requirements for the MEd degree in home & visitor (school social work), please refer to our course catalog.