Many graduates of the Widener and University of Pennsylvania human sexuality education programs are now doing outstanding work in sexuality education, counseling, therapy, and research in positions across the United States as well as worldwide, in Australia, Iceland, Israel, Mongolia, and Norway.

Our connection with the University of Pennsylvania program continues with the Widener-Penn Human Sexuality Alumni Association, co-chaired by Widener and Penn alumni.

Community Connections

Connect with other HSED alumni to network, socialize, or collaborate by connecting with the Widener/Penn Human Sexuality Alumni Association, or join others in the Human Sexuality Program on Facebook.

Career Connections

Career counseling, job search assistance, networking opportunities, and mentoring are offered to all Widener alumni through Career Services. CAPSnet, an online service sponsored by Career Services, provides you with access to current job listings.

If you would like to help current students, register to to be a CAPSnet Connect Mentor.