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Graduate Degrees

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 Betsy Crane

Shaping 'Pracademics'

Graduates of our doctoral program in human sexuality are practitioner-scholars, who can educate, conduct research, consult, or provide counseling and sex therapy.

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Working with Veterans

Dual degree doctoral student Becky Dewar said she'd like to work with combat veterans on issues surrounding sexuality and disability.

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Impacting the Community

Associate Professor Don Dyson explains how HSED graduate students benefit community partners.

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Degree Conversion

In March 2011, the Board of Trustees approved the conversion of the EdD in Human Sexuality Education to a PhD in Human Sexuality, which was determined to be the appropriate terminal degree for this program of interdisciplinary study.

The Center for Human Sexuality Studies offers a practice-oriented Master of Education (MEd) and research-oriented Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in human sexuality studies through two tracks: Sexuality Education and Sex Therapy. Interdisciplinary program offerings with Widener’s Social Work, Clinical Psychology, and Counselor Education (school counseling) programs provide professional training combined with a specialization in sexuality.

Sex Therapy and Sexuality Education Tracks

The Sexuality Education track is for individuals seeking to educate others about human sexuality in school, university, or community settings, as teachers, educational consultants, curriculum authors, professional writers or journalists, researchers, etc. It allows students to focus their studies on educational philosophy, teaching methodology, and curriculum development. Students and faculty collaborate on the blog Teaching Sex Ed, which further explores topics covered in the classroom.

Note: Students who wish to pursue a career in public school settings, but are not certified teachers, should consider our interdisciplinary program with Widener’s Counselor Education program. (See the Interdisciplinary Program Offerings section, below, for more information.)

The Sex Therapy track is right for you if you desire to help others through sex therapy or related work (such as clinical research, intervention development, etc.). In order to practice therapy, you must hold a licensable, clinical mental health degree (such as in social work, marriage and family therapy, professional counseling, or clinical psychology). However, the Human Sexuality Studies Sex Therapy track, alone, does not offer a licensable degree. Therefore, those interested in training in sex therapy must either enter the CHSS program with a licensable, clinical mental health degree, or must enroll in one our interdisciplinary programs with Widener’s Social Work program or Clinical Psychology program.

Interdisciplinary Program Offerings

Our interdisciplinary programs provide professional training combined with a specialization in sexuality.

If you want to enter the field of sex therapy/clinical sexology, but do not already have a licensable, clinical mental health degree, consider one of our interdisciplinary program options. The Center for Human Sexuality Studies offers two interdisciplinary programs in collaboration with Widener’s Center for Social Work Education and the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology. These programs enable you to earn a licensable, clinical mental health degree in Social Work or Clinical Psychology, concurrently with your specialization in Human Sexuality Studies.

You can also earn a PA certification in school counseling through our interdisciplinary program held in collaboration with Widener’s School of Education, Innovation, & Continuing StudiesCounselor Education program. This training enables you to earn your PA school counseling certification concurrently with your specialization in Human Sexuality Studies, and allows students who are not certified teachers to pursue a career in public school settings.

See our Interdisciplinary Programs page for more information.

Widener and AASECT

The curriculum at the Center for Human Sexuality Studies is designed based upon best practices in training sexologists. As a result, students who complete our degrees are well prepared should they choose to apply for certification as a Sexuality Educator or Sex Therapist through the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).  While students may still have requirements in practice hours or supervision to complete post-graduation, the curriculum is designed to provide the foundation for all categories of certification through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)