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Master of Education, Human Sexuality Studies

Degree Tracks

  • Sex Therapy

    The sex therapy track is for individuals who desire to help others through sex therapy or related work (e.g., clinical research, intervention development). International consensus is that sex therapy is considered a subdiscipline of other clinical disciplines (e.g., social work, clinical psychology, marriage and family therapy, professional counseling).

    Please note: To enroll in the sex therapy track, a student must either already hold a licensable mental health degree or must enroll in one of our interdisciplinary programs.

    Licensable mental health degrees include: MSW, LMFT, LCSW, LPC, LEP, PPS, M.A. in Psychology, or an M.A. in Counseling.

    Please contact our department if you are unsure as to whether or not you are qualified to apply to the sex therapy track.

  • Sexuality Education

    The sexuality education track is for individuals who desire to educate others about human sexuality in communities, schools, or universities as community educators, teachers, educational consultants, curriculum developers, professional writers, or journalists. The sexuality education track emphasizes the developmentally and culturally appropriate design, delivery, and assessment of educational interventions across the broad spectrum of human sexuality.

    If you wish to pursue a career in the public school setting but are not a certified teacher, consider our interdisciplinary program with Widener’s school counseling program, which will result in a Pennsylvania certificate in school counseling.

Why Widener?

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  • A majority of classes take place only on the weekends to cater to people who work during the week or commute from a distance.
  • Many of our students drive from within the Philadelphia metropolitan region or fly into the nearby Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) to take classes on Widener's Main Campus in Chester, PA.
  • Select course(s) offered in online format, allowing students to participate from their home or office.
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Exceptional Training

  • Students experience a supervised field experience during practicum placement.
  • Our faculty use current educational philosophies and methodologies appropriate for adults with varied learning styles.
  • We emphasize affective learning and cutting-edge strategies in training sexologists.
  • Our program uses a bio-psycho-social model to promote a comprehensive understanding of the development and practice of human sexuality through the lifespan within specific social, cultural, and political contexts
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Certification through AASECT

For students interested in seeking AASECT certification as a sexuality educator or sex therapist, the CHSS curriculum includes many of the required elements towards certification. As a part of completing the coursework for the MEd, students will have surpassed the AASECT requirements of 90 hours of academic coursework in the Core Knowledge Areas and Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR). During the coursework and practicum experience, students also have several opportunities to accrue hours towards the required professional experience hours.

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  • Latoya B. Brooks-Myers '10
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Elicia C. Gonzales


I got to explore my values, beliefs, and blind spots in a comfortable and supportive environment. It was life changing. Dr. Satterly, in particular, forced us to explore our feelings, rather than our thoughts, about various sexuality issues.

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mellissa fabello headshot

Melissa Fabello


I get up every day knowing that I love my organizations and coworkers and that I’m working for positive change. My participation in the human sexuality studies program prepared me extremely well for my position as a community educator, giving me the skills necessary to find research-based ways to enrich my students’ lives by helping them explore their own values and perspectives.

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Latoya B. Brooks-Myers '10

Jeremy W. Irvin


I chose Widener after attending one of the careers in human sexuality conferences. Walking into that space for the first time, I was greeted by both faculty and students who took me under their wing and answered all my questions. The acceptance and encouragement that I received that day from everyone at the conference helped me decide that Widener was the place I wanted to be for graduate school.

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