Doctor of Philosophy

Our research-oriented Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Human Sexuality Studies degree program is ideal for those interested in research and scholarship. It builds upon our master-level coursework to provide the skills and knowledge needed to further inform the study and practice of human sexuality through research in the field, as well as through teaching at the collegiate level. The doctoral coursework places emphasis on qualitative and quantitative research design and methodology.

Doctoral students bring previous graduate study in a wide variety of fields, primarily in the social sciences and/or a clinical, graduate-level degree in such fields as social work, marriage and family therapy, counseling psychology, nursing, medicine, etc. Many of our doctoral students are mid-career professionals already practicing as sexuality educators, counselors, or therapists.

As a full-time student, it takes 3 years to complete coursework for the PhD degree. As a part-time student, it takes approximately 4 years to complete coursework for this degree. Coursework is followed by at least 2 academic years of dissertation.

See the links in the navigation column for PhD program course requirements, course descriptions, and example course progressions.

In order to apply to our doctoral program, you must already hold a graduate-level degree, or complete one year of our program as a master-level student. See our Admissions Information page for more details on admissions criteria.

Master's Plus

The PhD degree is a “master’s plus” style program. All of our doctoral students, no matter their previous academic or professional experience, will complete all of the requirements for the practice-oriented Master of Education (MEd) degree along the way to their PhD. Accordingly, each student will select either the Sexuality Education or Sex Therapy track in which to complete a set of methods courses and a practicum (field experience) to hone their skills as a sexuality educator or sex therapist. See our Graduate Degrees page for more information on program tracks.