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Doctoral Dissertations, Human Sexuality Studies

Authors and Abstracts


Rabecca Anthony, PhD
An Exploration of Sexuality Educational Organizations' Utilization of Social Networking Sites

Tasha Binet, PhD
An Exploration of Sexual Identity Among Ethic Minority Women Who Have Sex with Women: Endorsement for the Concept of Sexuality Fluidity

Brianna Booth, PhD
Toward Sexual Well-Being: A Grounded Theory Study of the Lived Experience of Sexuality

Brooke Desipio, PhD
The Relationship Between Rape Myth Acceptance, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Self-Esteem Among Collegiate Male Athletes:  An Exploratory Study

Briana Galbreath, PhD
Media Matters: Men Who Watch Action Movies and Perceptions of Traditional Masculine Norms

April Garner, PhD
An Exploration of How Overweight and Obese Women Experience and Accept Their Sexual Self

Ira Gelman, PhD
The Impact of Gender on How Adolescent Jewish-Americans Experience Their Identity as a Minority in the United States

Eli Green, PhD
Does Teaching Transgender Content Effectively Reduce Anti-Transgender Prejudice?  The Findings from a National Study

Alexandra Milspaw, PhD
The Relationship Between Women's Histories and Their Experiences of Chronic Pelvic, Genital, and Sexual Pain

Jennifer Pollitt, PhD
As She Likes It: Erotic Agency and the Deconstruction of Fifty Shades of Grey

Elliot Ruggles, PhD
Queer Sexual Development: A Phenomenological Life History Study of People who Fall Outside Gender and Sexuality Norms


Shannon Critini, PhD
Perspectives of Sexuality Education Among Medical Residents

Jayleen Galarza, PhD
¿Quién Eres?:  An Exploration of Identity Among Latina Women Who Have Sex With Women (WSW)

Janice Hong: Sexuality Professionals' Attitudes Toward Five Dimensions of Human Sexuality

Michael McGee, PhD
An Exploratory Study Of Computer Mediated Communication And Perceptions Of Intimacy, Relationship And Sexual Satisfaction

Autumn Miller, PhD
Love But Not As We Know It: A Case Study

Karalynn Montgomery, PhD
Psychosexual Group Therapy For Adult Female Survivors of Sexual Abuse: A Case Study


Kevicha H. Echols, PhD
Power of the "p": A Critical Disclosure Analysis of Sex-Worker Publications

Kristen Conklin Flank, PhD
An investigation into masturbation and conversations about masturbation in heterosexual married individuals

George Willard Turner, Jr., PhD
The social-sexual voice of adults with mild intellectual disabilities: A qualitative case study

Courtney Elizabeth Weaver, PhD
A study of power motivation as a correlate to unprotected receptive intercourse in men and women who have sex with men

Natasha Watson, PhD
Perspectives of African-American Men in a Fatherhood Program Regarding the Joys and Struggles of thier Intimate Relationships with African-American Women

Erika Evans-Weaver, PhD
A Black Feminist Approach to Exploring the Positive Sexuality of Black Women

Kelly J. Wise, PhD
Gender differences in the parent/child relationship

Thomas N. Wood, PhD
The relationship between extrinsic/intrinsic goal-orientation and the experience of mal sexual dysfunction

Nagma Virk, PhD
Sexual Intelligence: Development and Validation of a Construct


Debra E. Bazarsky, PhD
The love that dares speak its name: Identity and behavior of women and gender diverse people who are sexually intimate with women

Damon M. Constantinides, PhD
Intersections of gender and intimacy in the lives of transgender people with non-binary gender identities

Meredith L. Kramer-Leach, PhD
Sexuality education in a public school: Examining how the curriculum compares to students' self-expressed information needs

Travis Sky Ingersoll, PhD
Examining the relationship between fear of intimacy and sexual anxiety among Chinese college students

Lindsey R. Krenzel, PhD
What do sexuality counselors do? A content analysis of job descriptions to determine the roles, responsibilities and qualifications of sexuality counselors

Dianna Palimere, PhD
Psychosexual group therapy for adult female survivors of sexual abuse: A case study

Timaree Leigh Schmit, PhD
How body morphology changes affect preference for attractiveness and thinness in a partner among women attracted to women


Constance M. Bowes, PhD
Integrating sexuality and spirituality: A case study of Shalom mountain retreat and study center leadership

Latoya Brooks, PhD
Men with sexual compulsivity: Relationship between adult romantic attachment styles and sexual behavior type

Dianne R. Browne, PhD
Unmarried Black Fathers: Sexual attitudes and beliefs influencing decisions not to marry

Melanie Davis, PhD
Sexuality education as perceived by physicians and therapists: An assessment of attitudes about and interest in referring patients to sexuality educators

Jennifer L. Foust, PhD

Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome (VVS): The challenges of connecting to positive sexual health

Doreen Hardy, PhD
When we dare not speak its name: Anal taboo, anal health, and affect theory

Tameca N. Harris-Jackson, PhD
Keeping the faith: Exploring the relationship between religiosity, sexual self-efficacy, and high risk sexual behaviors
among Black American women


Gretchen Anderton, PhD
Excitement, adventure, indifference: Romance readers' perceptions of how romance reading impacts their sex lives

Tiffanie Davis-Henry, PhD
Perceptions of sexual desire in postpartum women: A comparative study among stay-at-home and working mothers

Kimberly Chestnut Dunlap, PhD
Correlates of wellness and sexual health

Linda Hawkins, PhD
Gender identity development among transgender youth: A qualitative analysis of contributing factors

Debra Sutton, PhD
Exploring the phenomenon of the sexual-spiritual split as mediated through experiences of women reared in Christian faith traditions: A qualitative study

Yolanda Turner, PhD
An exploratory study of individuals involved in computer-mediated intimate relationships


Beverly Frantz, PhD
Sexual attitudes of staff working with sex offenders and non-sex offenders with intellectual disabilities in residential programs

Nick Myers, PhD
Black college students attitudes towards romance and mate selection

Elizabeth Schroeder, EdD
Addressing sexual orientation in New Jersey schools: An exploratory study

Justin Sitron, PhD
Sexological worldview in sexologists: Validation of a construct and a model to explain its development

Mary Ann Sewell, PhD
Ameliorating fat stigma: Resilience as a correlate to self-esteem, body image, and sexual quality of life for internet-savvy Big Beautiful Women


Raven James, PhD
Sexual self-esteem and women in substance abuse treatment

Karen Scott, PhD
Identifying stressors and coping patterns during the donor insemination process with lesbian couples: Implications for health care providers


Keith Cetera, PhD
Heterosexual male and female attitudes towards their partner's masturbatory behavior and its relationship to sexual satisfaction

Andrea Taylor Frostino, PhD
Guilt and jealousy associated with sexual fantasies among heterosexual married individuals

David M. Hall, PhD
The politics of same-sex marriage in the 2004 presidential election

Susan Milstein, PhD
The effects of a human sexuality course on students' confidence to engage in healthy sexual practices

Joseph Nines, PhD
Sexuality attitudes and the priesthood

Mary Rita Smith, PhD
Providing relationship building blocks for adults with intellectual disability


Carey L. Bayer, EdD
Nurses' perceptions regarding addressing sexuality with patients in a pediatric intensive care unit

Consuelo Bonillas, PhD
Reproductive tract infection (RIT) maternal diagnosis

Sandra Greenberg, PhD
Low sexual desire in heterosexual committed couples: An education intervention

Marcia Matthews, PhD
Lesbians who engage in public bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism (BDSM)