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August 14, 2015

Today, one in three Americans is age 50 or older; by 2030, one in five will be 65 or older.   How can we protect the sexual rights of older adults when prevailing myths tell us they aren’t sexual any longer? Learn to dispel these myths while learning about the exciting developments being made in research at the intersection of sexuality and aging.

This year, Widener University’s Sexuality and Aging Consortium is partnering with Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit to bring you a very special learning experience around the issues of sexuality and aging.  The program is open to everyone – not just professionals – and will be full of new information, fresh perspectives and clear paths toward a happier, healthier future for the aging populations.  Read more about this here at Sexuality and Aging Institute Press Release 2015

By educating consumers and by training professionals, paraprofessionals, and students, Widener University’s Sexuality and Aging Consortium works to ensure the rights of mid- and older-age adults to enjoy their sexual identity and expression on their terms, without the constraints of societal assumptions, judgments, and policies.  As members of the Consortium, we are especially pleased to be able to share this training with Summit attendees.


*If you are participating in this training for Continuing Education credits, please be sure that you include that in your registration for the Summit.

SCHEDULE FOR INSTITUTE:  Institute faculty will offer insightful posters, plenaries, and workshops that will provide up to 6 Continuing Education credits for AASECT and Social Work.

8:30-9         Poster Session: Please take time to visit our students and colleagues’ work.  The posters are educational and it’s a great way to view research up close and ask questions in an informal setting.

9-10:30       Opening Plenary: The Sexuality and Aging Institute will kick off with an opening plenary session titled, “Sexuality and Dementia: Strange Bedfellows,” presented by Gayle Appel Doll, PhD, Director of the Center for Aging, Kansas State University and a nationally recognized  leader in sexuality, aging, and long term care. Dr. Doll was recently featured in a New York Times article regarding the issues of cognitive loss and sexual consent. She is the author of Sexuality and Long Term Care, which addresses staff training and resident needs.

10:45-12:00     Choice of AM1 workshops:

Embracing the Beauty of the Aging Body

HIV/AIDS with Intimacy and Wrinkles

Sankofa Sexualities: Afrocentric Considerations for Geriatric Sexualities

Sexuality and the Older Woman: How to Craft Your Message

12:00-1:30        Lunch (on your own)

12:30-1:30       Poster Session

1:30-2:45         Choice of PM 1 workshops:

Body Spirit Integration: A holistic Model in Promoting Sexual Health and Spiritual Fulfillment

Candid Conversations with a Gynecologist about Potential Menopausal Mayhem

What’s so Funny? Using Humor to Open Doors to Sexuality Discussions with Aging Adults

Long-Term Care Sexuality Policies as a Best Practice and Smart Business Decision

3:00-4:00            Choice of workshops:

7 Erotic Nights: New Ways to Talk, Touch and Play for Mature Couples

What Your Clients Are Not Asking You about Sex

Out of the Closet: Normalizing Sexuality and Aging

Sexy at Any Age: A Workshop on Positive Sexuality in Older Adulthood

4:00-4:30             Closing Plenary: YES!  You Can Create a Better Sexual Future!  Our presenters will be Paul DelPonte, an aging advocate and Jane Fleishman, a sexuality advocate.  Whether you’re a professional, a student, a consumer, or an activist, you can help shape the future of sexuality and aging. This inspiring session will help you integrate the knowledge and skills you’ve gained into your work, advocacy, and life.

4:30-5:00             Book Signing: Come meet the authors who have presented during the Sexuality and Aging Institute and get your books signed!


for the Sexuality and Aging Institute

August 14, 2015

Please use only this link to register.  It’s very important to the Sexuality and Aging Consortium that we be able to track the success of our partnership as we consider future years.

Founder and Past President: Peggy Brick

peggy brickPeggy Brick, MEd,a sexuality educator for more than 40 years, is a consultant specializing in sexuality in mid and later life. She founded the Sexuality and Aging Consortium at Widener University and is the past president of its Board of Directors.

Brick is co-author of Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter: 30 Sex Ed Lessons for Adults Only (2009) and New Expectations: Sexuality Education for Mid- and Later Life (2003). 

An AASECT-Certified Sexuality Educator, Brick is an award-winning leader in the field. She has trained thousands of educators and health care professionals nationally and internationally.