Karen M. Hicks


Karen M. Hicks, PhD, has been a sexuality educator for more than 25 years. She teaches Human Sexuality, Women’s Health and Medicine in Society at Lehigh University. She is the author of two books on women’s health and in 2004 published an online Medscape CME course for health care professionals titled “Women’s Sexual Problems-A Guide to Integrating the New View Approach."

In 2010, she was named an Our Bodies, Ourselves Women’s Health Hero for her significant, long-lasting contributions to women’s health care. For six years, Karen has been facilitating workshops for social workers, nurses and administrators of assisted living and nursing home residences on the topics of intimacy needs and challenges of the elderly.

In 2010, Karen founded K&K Events, LLC, a business that provides “edutainment” events on sexuality topics. Karen is co-president of the Sexuality and Aging Consortium at Widener University. She can provide all of her programs in English and Spanish.