We are dedicated to enhancing the sexual health, knowledge and well being of people in mid and later life by providing quality sexuality education to individuals, couples and to professionals who serve them. As an educational outreach initiative of the Widener University Graduate Program in Human Sexuality, we are affiliated with a highly respected academic program equally committed to healthy lifespan sexuality and professional practice.

We invite you to tour this site and explore how you and/or your organization may benefit from sexuality consulting, training, policy development and resource development.

Consortium members are professionals whose work addresses diverse aspects of sexuality. We recognize sexuality to be a lifespan issue that affects everything about an individual from self-perceived sex and gender to the management of sexual health and attractions of the heart.

For Professionals

Intimacy Needs and Behaviors of the Elderly

Care-giving staff in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities will benefit from this half- or full-day workshop on the diverse sexual backgrounds, experiences and expectations of aging, aged and elderly populations. Topics covered include physical and medical conditions of aging that affect sexual functioning as well as the sexual challenges faced by individuals in this phase of the life cycle.
Facilitator: Karen Hicks, PhD

Keynote speeches on Intimacy, Sexuality and Aging

Conference organizers and attendees will benefit from targeted keynote addresses by one of America’s foremost sexuality educators.
Speaker: Peggy Brick, MEd, CSE

How to Talk Comfortably and Capably about Sex

When administrators and staff can speak comfortably about sexuality, policies and patient care improve. This is an interactive workshop will help participants communicate with professionals, patients and their loved ones. 
Facilitator: Melanie Davis, EdD, CSE

CEU Programs for Nurses and Staff

Sexuality and sexual rights are important issues for anyone working with seniors in long-term and assisted living environments. Programs can be customized to your unique needs, with CEUs available for registered nurses.
Facilitator: Carole Adamsbaum, RN, ACSE

SexTalk Workshop: Skills for Communicating with Clients about Sexual Concerns

In this highly experiential workshop, participants strengthen the skills of communication with their clients by deepening their understanding of their own responses to sexual issues, examining the process of psycho-sexual development, exploring and expanding knowledge of sexual function and dysfunction, and practicing approaches to interactions which will facilitate comfort and communication for both them and their clients.
Facilitator: Joan Garrity

Intimacy/Sexuality/Personal Sensitive “Gap Analysis” for Facility Administration

Gap analysis identifies the gap between what residents say they want and need from the staff around sensitive topics and staff attitudes, values, beliefs, and behavior. Staff gain comfort with sensitive topics, understand needs of residents, gain knowledge to address situations, and understand personal and institutional values and procedures.
Facilitator: Katherine Forsythe, MSW

Aging and Sexuality Curriculum Implementation Training

Training for professionals on how to use lessons from the groundbreaking resource Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter.
Facilitator: Bill Taverner, MA

The Heart Has No Wrinkles: Sexuality and Intimacy in Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

This customized workshop prepares professionals to use a positive approach in dealing with residents’ sexual needs and rights. The content is tailored to the unique concerns of individual agencies.
Facilitator: Peggy Brick, MEd, CSE

The Lion’s Way to Stress Reduction

In one hour, professionals can learn practical, tension relieving techniques that will help them “pounce when it counts” for maximum efficiency in high-pressure environments.
Facilitator: Melanie Davis, EdD, CSE

HIV with Love and Wrinkles

People with HIV/AIDS are now living into their 50s and 60s, and those over fifty constitute one of the fastest growing populations of individuals becoming newly infected with the virus. The material presented in either a keynote or workshop format will help professionals caring for the older population to better understand the impact of HIV on their clients, and increase their skills in giving HIV results and supporting older clients to live well with the virus.
Facilitator: Joan Garrity

For Individuals & Couples

Aging, Sex, and Spirit: Taking the Next Step on the Journey

Men and women examine their concepts of aging, sexuality and spirituality during this workshop. This workshop allows for an exploration of the transcendent experience in our sexuality in a comfortable and safe setting.
Facilitator: Connie Bowes, MA, EdD

If the Walls Could Talk: Stories of Personal Events that Changed Our Lives

Participants share events in relationships in their lives that were turning points – life lessons that they learned from “intimate” relationships that they would like to pass along to the younger generation. Wisdom from a lifetime is gathered and preserved.
Facilitator and discussion guide: Katherine Forsythe, MSW

Evolving Intimacy: Love in a New Age

Age-related emotional and physical changes often require new ways of thinking about and expressing sexual needs and interests. This workshop will help individuals and couples maximize their changing physical capabilities. It will also sensitivity to their own and others’ evolving sexual and intimacy needs.
Facilitator: Melanie Davis, EdD, CSE

New Expectations: Sexuality in Mid and Later Life

These custom-designed workshops for baby-boomers address the expected changes in sexual experience and behavior, new partners, safer sex and communication issues.
Speaker: Peggy Brick, MEd, CSE

Good, Good, Good Vibrations: Spicing Up Your Sex Life with Sex Toys

The world of adult sex toys is rife with gadgets and gizmos to increase the pleasures of sensuality and sexuality together and alone. Come and learn what the marketplace has to offer. For women who want to reach greater levels of comfort and physical satisfaction.
Facilitator: Connie Bowes, MA, EdD

Sex after Cancer and Other Chronic Health Issues

Cancer, chronic illness and their treatments can take the fun out of sex and intimacy…but they don’t have to. This program will help you assess the changes you have experienced and explore new options for pleasure that remain available to you and/or your partner.
Facilitator: Melanie Davis, EdD, CSE

Principles and Skills of Loving: Creating the Partnership

You’ve AlwaysWantedLearn the principles and skills of loving to enable you and your partner to build a new path to intimate interaction. It will offer experiences to practice the skills you have learned.
Facilitator: Connie Bowes, MA, EdD

Sex and the Internet: The Do’s and Don’ts

The internet offers myriad opportunities for satisfying sexual curiosity, but careless exploration can put your privacy, safety and financial security at risk. Learn what’s online and how to explore it safely.

Facilitator: Connie Bowes, MA, EdD

Women Over 50: Moving from Work to What’s Next

Where do you go after you have completed a career and want to develop new interests, relationships and passion for the second half of your life. Now is the time for you to create your plan.
Facilitator: Connie Bowes, MA, EdD