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  • Robin Dole, PT, DPT, EdD, PCS

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Physical Therapy Admission

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PTCAS Website

Submit your application, transcripts, references, and volunteer/work experiences to PTCAS.

Admission to the graduate program will be restricted to students who demonstrate their capacity for graduate level studies through satisfactory performance on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and a satisfactory grade point average.

Program Entry Options

Enter as a Freshman

Students can enter as freshmen into Widener's 3 plus 3 (3 years undergraduate plus 3 years graduate) or 4 plus 3 (4 years undergraduate plus 3 years graduate) programs. However, upon entry to the physical therapy program, the student will be considered a graduate student. 

Enter with a Bachelor's Degree or Associate's Degree

Students can enter with a bachelor's degree in any of a variety of disciplines, such as science, the humanities, business or others, from any accredited college or university. The courses in the first year of the physical therapy program will be counted for the final year of undergraduate study and for the first year of graduate study. The baccalaureate degree will be conferred in the undergraduate major upon completion of the first year of graduate study.

The final two years of graduate courses will apply only to the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. This option is available only to undergraduates at Widener University and affiliated institutions, which include: Cabrini College, Elizabethtown College, East Stroudsburg University, Juniata College, Lock Haven University, and Wilkes University.

Students who have earned an associate's degree in a physical therapy assistant program may transfer up to 60 credits to Widener University to complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees. With permission, some courses in the physical therapy curriculum may be waived.

Application Process

All applicants must apply to the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program through the American Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS) website. Send all supplemental materials to:

Institute for Physical Therapy Education
Widener University
One University Center
Chester, PA 19013

Application Deadline

The soft deadline is November 15th for all applicants who want to be considered in the regular admissions cycle. The hard deadline and close of applications is January 15th of the year in which you would be entering the program

Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite courses include:

  • Biology (3 semester hours)
  • Human Anatomy (3 semester hours)
  • Human Physiology (3 semester hours)
  • Chemistry (8 semester hours)
  • Physics (6 semester hours)
  • English/Humanities (9 semester hours)
  • Social Science (9 semester hours)
  • Statistics (3 semester hours)

Guidelines for admission are established by the Professional Advisory Committee in conjunction with the faculty and in compliance with university standards for graduate programs. Questions regarding the application process, contact us via email at physicaltherapy@widener.edu.