Robin Dole

Robin Dole, PT, DPT, EdD, PCS
Professor, Associate Dean & Director
Cottee Hall 114 • 610-499 1159 •

DPT, MGH Institute of Health Professions
EdD, Nova Southeastern University (Child and Youth Studies, Exceptional Education and Special Services) 
MS, University of Indianapolis (Physical Therapy, Pediatric Fellowship)
BS, Ithaca College

Research Interests
pediatrics, special education, hippotherapy, community engagement, gait, orthotic devices

Courses Taught
Lifespan II, Pediatric Elective

Recent Publications

  • Kenyon, K.L., Dole, R.L., Kelly, S.P. (2013). Perspectives of academic faculty and clinical instructors on entry-level DPT preparation for pediatric physical therapist practice. Physical Therapy. published ahead of print, June 27,2013.
  • Black J.D., Dole, R.L. (2013). The clinical relevance of phenomenology in today's evidence-based world. Physical Therapy Reviews. 18(3), 223-224.
  • Black, J.D., Palombaro, K.M., Dole, R.L. (2013). Student experiences in creating and launching a student-led physical therapy pro bono clinic: a qualitative investigation. Physical Therapy, 93(5), 637-648.
  • Schreiber, J., Dole, R.L. (2012). The effect of knowledge translation procedures on application of information from a continuing education conference. Pediatric Physical Therapy, 24(3), 259-266.
  • Frank, A., McCloskey, S., Dole, R.L. (2011). Effect of hippotherapy on perceived self-competence and participation in a child with cerebral palsy. Pediatric Physical Therapy, 23(3), 301-308.
  • Palombaro, K.M., Dole, R.D, Lattanzi, J.B. (2011). The creation and launch of a student-led pro bono clinic: An administrative case report. Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy, 91(11), 1627-35.
  • Lattanzi, J.B., Campbell, S.C., Dole, R.D.,Palombaro, K.M. (2011). Students mentoring students in a service-learning clinical supervision experience: An educational case report. Physical Therapy, 91(10), 1513-24.
  • Palombaro, K.M., Dole, R.D., Lattanzi, J,B. (2011). The development of a community clinic: How a signature project can mobilize commitment to sustainable community engagement. In Ledoux, MW, Wilhite SC, Silver P. (Eds.) Civic Engagement and Service Learning in a Metropolitan University: Multiple Approaches and Perspectives. (pp 93-108). New York: Nova Scotia Publishers.
  • Palombaro, K.M., Lattanzi, J.B., Dole, R.L. (2010). Creating sustainable community engagement initiatives in a graduate physical therapy program. Metropolitan Universities, 20(3), 61-76.
  • Dole, R.L., Chafetz, R. (2010). Peds Rehab Notes. Philadelphia, Pa.: F.A.Davis.