Dawn Gulick

DawnT. Gulick PT, PhD, ATC, CSCS
Cottee Hall 126 • 610-499-1287 • dtgulick@widener.edu

PhD, Temple University (Exercise Physiology)
MPT, Emory University
BS, Lock Haven University (Athletic Training Certification)

Research interests: orthopedics, sports medicine, therapeutic modalities

Courses taught: Musculoskeletal I, II & III, Kinesiology, Client Management III, Sport Medicine, Visceral Systems

Recent Publications

  • Gulick, D.T., Paterson, M. Kinesiology in Action. F.A. Davis Publishing. Online Kinesiology Resources for Educators. In Beta testing – summer 2015.
  • Gulick, D.T., Palombaro, K.M. A Plagiarism Experience. Letter to the editor. Journal of Physical Therapy Education, May 2015.
  • Gulick, D.T., Wise, C.H. iOrtho+  Android App, February 2011, update Sept 2011, Feb 2012, August 2012, August/Sept 2013, May 2014, January 2015, June 2015.
  • Wellmon, R.H., Gulick, D.T., Paterson, M.L., Gulick, C.N. Validity & Reliability of Two Goniometric Mobile Apps: Device, Application,& Examiner Factors. Sport Health Journal. Submitted March 2015; revised & accepted April 2015.
  • Gulick, D.T. Invited Commentary for Acute effects of different stretching methods on static & dynamic balance in female football players. International Journal of Therapy & Rehabilitation. 2015;22(2):68-73
  • Gulick, D.T., Fagnani, J., Gulick, C.N. Comparison of Muscle Activation of Hip Belt Squat & Barbell Back Squat Techniques. Isokinetics & Exercise Science. Accepted December 2014, proofs approved Feb 23, 1915, in press
  • Gulick, D.T., Cain, J., Cheney, S., DeMarino, D., Ettaro, M., Green, H., Keelan, C., Varghese, J. Effects of Kinesio Tex Taping on Discomfort Associated with Myofascial Trigger Points. Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Practice. 2015;27(1):32-36
  • Gulick, D.T.  The Mobile App Explosion: Are they evidence-based?  Advance Magazine for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine, Fall 2014.
  • Gulick, D.T. Influence of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Treatment Techniques on Myofascial Trigger Points. Journal of Body Work & Movement Therapies. ePub March 1, 2014; Oct 2014; 18(4):602-607
  • Gulick, D.T., OrthoNotes, 3rd edition, F. A. Davis Co., Philadelphia, PA., May 2013.
  • Gulick, D.T. Clam Shells: A Unique Progression for Hip External Rotation Muscle Strengthening, Orthopedic Physical Therapy Practice. December 2011
  • Gulick, D.T., Malone L.A. Development of a Field Test for Measuring Aerobic Capacity in Paralympic Goalball Athletes. International Journal of Athletic Therapy & Training. September 2011
  • Gulick, D.T., Castel, J.C., Palermo, F., Draper, D. Effect of Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation on Vertical Jump in Collegiate Athletes, Journal of Sport Health. March 2011
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