Jill Black PT, EdD, DPT
Assistant Professor, Pro Bono Services Coordinator
Cottee Hall 115 • 610-499-1278 •

EdD, University of Delaware (Curriculum and Instruction)
DPT, Widener University
MS, University of Delaware (Exercise Physiology)
BS, University of Delaware (Physical Therapy)

Research interests: Community engagement, scholarship of teaching, pro bono service, service learning, international clinical education, oncology

Courses taught: Global Health I, Global Health II, Teaching and Learning, Qualitative Research, Lifestyle & Disability

Recent Publications

Pechak, C.M., Black, J.D. (2013). Benefits and challenges of international education from a US-based physiotherapist faculty perspective. Physiotherapy Research International. In press.

Pechak, C.M. Black, J.D. (2013). Physical therapists as world citizens: exploring new models of clinical education in a globalized society. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice. In press.

Palombaro, K.P., Black, J.D. (2013) LEAP: Effectiveness of exercise for preventing and treating osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Physical Therapy Journal. In press. Black J.D., Dole, R.L. (2013). The clinical relevance of phenomenology in today's evidence-based world. Physical Therapy Reviews. In press.

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