Organizational Development Services

Organizational Development Services is a unit of the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology within the School of Human Service Professions.

Organizational development is the practice of increasing organizational effectiveness through working with leaders to systematically change and shape organizational culture, leader/follower engagement, and adaptive organizational strategy. Organizational development is firmly grounded in the behavioral sciences and draws on expertise from psychology, sociology, and business.

Our primary goal is to work collaboratively with leaders to increase organizational effectiveness through leadership training programs, workshops, and a variety of services and interventions targeting the individual, group, and systems levels.

These services enable organizations to adapt better to today's fast-changing external environment that simultaneously demands high performance as well as close attention to issues of civic engagement and organizational social responsibility. We operate with the understanding that various parts of the organization's structure, systems and people must be aligned and involved if change efforts are to result in enhanced organizational excellence.

We provide consulting services to public and private businesses, non-profit organizations, and Widener University departments and business units. Our services include:

  • Leadership training and development workshops.
  • Executive leadership assessments for development, promotion, and succession planning.
  • 360 degree interviews and feedback facilitation.
  • Individual coaching for professional development.
  • Emotional competence assessment and coaching.
  • Conflict resolution and consulting on employee relations.
  • Consulting on the design and implementation of major change initiatives.
  • Consulting on actions needed to examine and adjust internal policies and work processes.
  • Customized programs created specifically for your organizational needs.

Civic organizations, Widener University departments and other non-profits also may consider ODS for the following:

  • Service evaluations.
  • Evaluations of program outcomes and satisfaction surveys.
  • Outcome evaluation for grant funded projects.
  • Statistical consultation and research design.
  • Community and school-based youth leadership development programs.

Advocacy Training

All services are provided on a fee-for-service basis, funded through departmental resources, or as part of one of several service learning programs.

For further information, contact the ODS Director, Hal S. Shorey, Ph.D., at 610-499-4598, or email at hsshorey@widener.edu.