Sachi Ando

Sachi Ando, PhD

Assistant Professor
tel: 610-499-4564

Research Interests 
International migration; well-being among immigrants and refugees; social capital; service learning and social work education.

Courses Taught
Research methods, program evaluation, social statistics, human behavior and diverse populations; social and economic justice. 


Personal Statement

 Learning can be compared to journey. Discoveries are waiting to be explored. Each serendipitous encounter can change one's life. Journey is full of many twists, turns and detours. Obstacles and hurdles sometimes hinder one from continuing the expedition. In the course of journey, one experiences aspiration, despair, hope, and fulfillment. Every step is a given opportunity for learning.

A purpose of higher education is to prepare students to navigate themselves in their life-long journey. Education provides a learning environment, where students can develop knowledge and skills that are meaningful to them. Students are not blank slate to be filled with information; they bring in their ideas and experiences. Education is an opportunity for students to reorganize their experiences, which offer new ways of looking at their maps and increase ability to redirect the course of their subsequent journey.

I truly believe in strengths and potentials each student innately possesses. One's objective in journey is to maximize her or his potentials for self-actualization. Every single student also has a given life mission only she or he can possibly carry out. A teacher as a travel agent facilitates a process of learning journey, by providing students with different ideas, tools and means. A teacher cannot force learning to students. Students determine their own destination, that is, where they want to reach and what they want to get out of their journeys. Education enables students to find keys that open up unlimited possibilities.

Education enriches students by cultivating their qualities. People equipped with knowledge and skills are powerful when it comes to fight against social injustices. Dedication of their lives to the wellbeing of society is actually for their own interests. Assisting others is to help themselves eventually because life is woven through an interaction with others. The essence of life is to enjoy to the fullest, and giving supportive hands to people in need is the most joyful and utmost happiness that people can possibly attain in life. Happiness of each person will lead to the ultimate wellbeing of the entire society. I believe education can make this happen, and I am truly excited to being part of a student's journey to the professional life.


2010, PhD (Social Work), The University of Texas at Arlington

2004, MS (Social Work), The University of Texas at Arlington

2003, BA (English), Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka, Japan

2002, BA (Psychology), University at Albany, State University of New York

Recent Publications

Ando, S., Zhou, C. X., & Yuan, L. (In preparation). Intercultural adaptation experiences of Chinese immigrant and American-born Chinese children in an urban city: An exploratory study.

Zhou, C. X., Yuan, L., & Ando, S. (In preparation). Introducing American experience of social services with immigrants to Chinese social services: examples of immigrants in Philadelphia and migrants in Chongqing.

Moon, S. S., & Ando, S. (2009). Ecological influences on school achievement in a diverse youth sample: The mediating role of substance use. Journal of Human Behavior in Social Environment, 19(5), 572-591.

Recent Presentations

Ando, S. (2013, June). Flourishing and immigrants: Implications for helping professionals. Paper abstract submitted to the International Positive Psychology Association, Third World Congress on Positive Psychology conference, Los Angeles, CA.

Ando, S., & Focht-New, V. (2013, June). Developing a hybrid research course: An adventure of teaching and learning. Paper to be presented at the AAUP Annual Conference on the State of Higher Education, Washington, DC.

Ando, S. (2010, October). Flourishing among Japanese immigrants: A positive approach to understanding psychosocial adaptation. Paper presented at the Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education, Portland, OR.

Ando, S., & Madrigal, C. (2008, April). A comparison of immigration patterns to the USA: The case of Japan and Colombia. Paper presented at the Social Welfare Action Alliance Conference: 2008 National Meeting and Conference. Houston, Texas. 

Academic Honors and Awards (Selected)

  • Academic Service-Learning Faculty Development Program Fellow, Widener University (2011-2012)
  • Adjunct Professor of the Year, The University of Texas at Arlington (2010)
  • Outstanding Doctoral Student, The University of Texas at Arlington (2010, 2009, 2008, 2007)
  • University Scholar, The University of Texas at Arlington (2010, 2009, 2007)


Professional Memberships

  • Society for Social Work and Research
  • National Association of Social Workers
  • Council on Social Work Education
  • Golden Key International Honour Society
  • Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars
  • Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society
  • Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology


Professional Services

  • Widener Partnership Charter School
  • Project Shine, Temple University
  • Asian Health Advisory Committee, American Cancer Society
  • Lancaster Refugee Coalition in Lancaster