The Center for Social Work Education and the Center for Human Sexuality Studies offer a dual degree program that ends with a Master of Social Work and one of the following:

By selecting the appropriate dual degree option from the drop-down box on the Center for Education's on-line application.

If you have a Bachelor of Social Work, you can consider an Advanced Standing MSW program. Students will earn their MSW after three years of concurrent study, and can earn the PhD with two additional years of course work and one year of dissertation preparation.

Students pursuing the dual degrees take courses in both programs at the same time. It is therefore possible to be accepted by one program and not accepted into the other. However, if you're not accepted for admission to both programs at the same time, you may pursue the degree program into which they have been accepted and re-apply for admission to the other program at a later time.

Admission to the Center for Social Work Education is for fall only. There is no Spring admission option.

The Center for Social Work Education offers three certificate programs.

  • Health Care Management
  • PA Home and School Visitor 
  • Supporting People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors

For more information on admissions, courses, and degree requirements for dual degrees in our social work education graduate programs, see our Center for Social Work Education Graduate Catalog.