Field Internships

The highlight of the curriculum is a senior internship in an agency that fits with the student's needs based on interests and learning goals. In field placements, students learn to apply classroom learning with people and their problems. Each student is assigned a trained field instructor who is employed by the agency and skilled in working with students.

Students meet with their field instructors weekly, on a one-on-one basis. A faculty member from Widener's Center for Social Work Education serves as a liaison between the school and the field placement.

Many agencies are available to our students. The following are a few of the many that our students have selected as their placement or you can see a more complete list:

Catholic Social Services

Students work as family counselors and case managers with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

Children and Youth Services of Delaware County

Students work with children and their families when neglect and abuse issues are involved. Students have the opportunity to interface with the courts and many other community agencies.

Crozer Chester Medical Center Hospice

Students provide social work services for terminally ill client and family. May be able to offer bereavement counseling services to the family.

Delaware County Head Start

Students provide case management services for low-income families in Delaware County. Case managers provide assessment, supportive counseling, parenting groups and collaboration with Children and Youth Services and other agencies.

Domestic Abuse Project

Students serve as advocates for women who are involved in abusive relationships.

Elwyn Institute

Elwyn is a nationally renowned residential program that assists people with developmental disabilities, mental illness, social and economic disadvantages, as well as the elderly and children with behavioral problems; encourages them to work effectively to make choices and participate in their community. Students may be placed in admissions and/or on a unit working more directly with clients providing supportive counseling.

Senior Community Services

Senior Community Services provides center-based in-home services to elderly clients in Delaware County. Student responsibilities include home visits; assessments; working with individuals, family, and groups; and care givers support.