Study Abroad

Study abroad. Study away. It's just easier to ask: "Where in the world is Widener?"

Whether you're curious about or captivated by places far and not so far away, you'll have plenty of opportunities and options to satisfy your wanderlust at Widener. Our administrators and faculty conscientiously support and are enthusiastically engaged in research, learning, leadership, and service that goes beyond the classroom door. 

Undergraduate students in our service learning course on environmental sustainability have found themselves in Costa Rica, cultivating coffee beans on a farm in Las Lajas or studying butterflies in the rainforest at El Bosque Nuevo. Globe-spanning agreements with hospitality schools located in Australia, England, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Switzerland, and Dubai are part of the Global Leadership Program in the School of Hospitality Management.

If your major is in the humanities, social sciences, or sciences, there are options to study abroad in South and Central America and a week-long program at the Center for Linguistic and Multicultural Studies at the Universidad Internacional in Cuernavaca, Mexico during the summer.  Our Army ROTC cadets are dedicated not only to national service, but also act as our national ambassadors as they help others in need around the globe: some have taught English to African tribes in Senegal and Tanzania; some have trained with the Botswana Defense Force while helping with anti-poaching efforts.

International and Interdisciplinary Expeditions 

Every year for the past decade, graduate students and faculty in the School of Human Service Professions have gone on annual International and Interdisciplinary Study Expeditions to train or apply their knowledge in clinical psychology, human sexuality, physical therapy, and social work in the following countries:

  • Ireland (2004)
  • Italy (2005)
  • England (2006)
  • Netherlands (2007)
  • Chile (2008)
  • Canada (2009)
  • Netherlands (2010)
  • Trinidad (2011)
  • Netherlands (2012)
  • China (2013)

As we help students understand their world and the consequences of their actions upon others, here and abroad, we prepare them for their roles and responsibilities as citizens in a global society.