Project Prepare

The Project Prepare program has a long and distinguished history on Widener University's Main Campus in Chester, Pennsylvania.

In 1969, Widener University — then known as the Pennsylvania Military College — began a program with Chester High School enrolling 21 African-American males in a summer bridge program. 

Widener University's Project Prepare program begins with a three-week commuter based summer bridge program for students that have been identified by the Widener University Admissions Office and the program's director. These students will be enrolled in three courses over the summer. The courses are not college level classes; they are two-fold gauging and prepping courses. The students must complete the classes with a C or better to gain admission into Widener University for the fall semester.

All students admitted into Widener University through the Project Prepare program will be enrolled into the Exploratory Studies program. All Project Prepare freshman students are enrolled in a freshman seminar and will meet with the program director on an as-needed basis. The freshman seminar course focuses on the whole person and discusses study skills, time management, the financial aid process, and interpersonal relations.

Project Prepare students will continue to be members of the program until graduation. It is the mission of the program to provide our students with the services necessary to become successful Widener University graduates.

For more information on the Project Prepare program, please contact Director Tim Cairy at (610) 499-1193 or tjcairy@mail.widener.edu.