Student Project Day

In the spring of 2001, Widener University began a new tradition – that of showcasing the outstanding work done by our students and faculty in an event known as Undergraduate Student Project Day.

Student Project Day affords the entire university community an opportunity to see first-hand the fruits of the reading, writing, thinking, and experimentation the presenting individuals have done throughout the academic year and, in some cases, over the course of their undergraduate career.

The schedule for Student Project Day 2016 can be found here.

The presentations begin at 8:00 a.m. and continue throughout the day.

Below you will find a sampling of topics that students in arts and sciences, business administration, education, engineering, human service professions, and nursing presented at Student Project Day in April, 2016. Our hospitality management students offer special lunches and dinners throughout the semester in lieu of participating in Student Project Day.

Social Science

  • Dress to Impress: Is There a Higher Standard for Women?
  • The Relationship Between Stress, Coping Mechanisms, and Life Satisfaction
  • The Influence of State Gun Laws on Violent Crimes


  • WhataCrockMeals: Business Expansion Plan
  • The Impact of College Type on Student Finances


  • Educating Students with Autism in the General Setting
  • Language Development at the Widener Child Development Center
  • Learning by Doing: Developing Pedagogical Skills Through Math Tutoring


  • Site Design for a Widener University Softball Complex
  • Portable Solar-Powered Water Heater
  • New SEPTA Station and Facilities at Marcus Hook's Existing Station Location


  • Lupus and the Effect on Body Image
  • SIDS Prevention
  • UTI: Is Drinking Cranberry Juice Actually Beneficial?
  • The Sound of Music: Does Music Therapy Reduce Stress in Pediatric Patients?


  • Effect of Parasites on Physiological Function of Minnows
  • Green Synthesis of Isoxazoles: Exploring Methoxy and Methyl Derivatives
  • Ecological Economics of an Indoor Tower Garden Growing System: Sustainability in Food Production for Widener University
  • Game Programming With Java
  • Investigating the Effect of Acute Nerve Cord Injury on Gene Expression in the Embryonic Drosophila Ventral Nerve Cord

Social Work

  • Burnout Among Child Welfare Workers
  • 'The Crazy Cat Lady': A Look at Services Available to People Who Hoard Animals
  • Exploration of Homelessness in Chester, PA