Tuition & Fees for Continuing Studies

The tuition and fees are established each spring by the Board of Trustees. The tuition charges for part-time adult students are significantly lower than full-time traditional students at Widener University.

The complete listing of all Widener University tuition charges and fees can be found in the Continuing Studies  Tuition Rate and Payment Guide document on the bursar's office webpage in CampusCruiser

2016-2017 Cost Of Attendance

Continuing Studies  
Per Credit Per Semester
Tuition - Continuing Studies * $600  
Tuition - Continuing Studies  (Net Courses) $544  
Widener-Crozer Program Rates    
Diagnostic Medical Sonography courses/clinicals $900  
Radiology courses/clinicals $700  
Technology Fees    
   3 to 5 credits   $54
   6 to 8 credits   $75
   9 to 11 credits   $130
   12 and over credits   $166
New Student Fee    $25
Late Registration Fee    $25

*It is the responsibility of each adult student to work with the bursar’s office to pay their bills. The University is not required to refund tuition and fee payments to students who fail to officially cancel their registration, or withdraw in the required time period. 

Average financial aid cost of attendance budgets are available on the financial aid office webpage in CampusCruiser.