Financial Aid

As a graduate student, you have many opportunities for financial aid. 

  • 85 percent of Widener’s full-time graduate students receive financial aid.
  • 44 percent of part-time students taking at least six credits per semester benefit from federal financial assistance.

In addition, many part-time students in our respected graduate programs receive tuition reimbursements from their employers.

Contact Student Financial Services to learn more about all types of graduate aid available to you such as:

  • Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships.
    Graduate assistantships and fellowships are available to students enrolled in specific graduate programs. Contact your graduate program office for more information.
  • Employer Reimbursement.
    If you work, you may be able to receive aid from your employer. We encourage you to fully explore these opportunities, and we will be glad to provide any necessary documentation. Students who are receiving employer assistance may also apply for financial aid provided all of the eligibility requirements are met.
  • Federal Work Study.
    This is the opportunity to earn funds through employment. Work study is awarded based on financial need. You can work for the university and earn a paycheck to help defray the cost of education. Students who do not qualify for Federal Work Study can also get jobs on campus.
  • Other Sources of Aid. 
    Private scholarships, grants, loans, and other sources of aid are available to students through localorganizations and associations. 
  • Loans.
    Several loan options are available, including the Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Stafford Loan, Federal GradPLUS

Widener University Endowed Scholarships

Widener University has a limited number of privately funded graduate scholarships that have been given by individual donors and other benefactors. These awards are administered by individual schools and committees.


  • Borrowed money that you must repay with interest. Federal Direct Loans Federal Perkins Loan Federal Direct GradPLUS Loans More about loans for graduate students.
  • Work-Study and Other Student Employment
  • Funds you earn by working
  • Federal Work-Study
  • Institutional Employment 
  • Other Sources of Aid for Graduate Students
  • Scholarships Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships Professional Nurse Traineeship Grants More about other sources of aid.

Federal Direct GradPLUS Loan (GradPLUS)

The Federal Direct Graduate PLUS loan enables graduate students with good credit histories to borrow funds to pay their educational expenses not covered by a Federal Direct Loan or other aid if they are enrolled at least half time. The yearly limit on a Direct GradPLUS is equal to the cost of attendance minus any other financial aid. The Federal Direct GradPLUS has a fixed interest rate of 7.9 percent. A maximum origination fee of 4 percent will be deducted from each loan disbursement. Borrowers can choose to defer payments on a Federal Direct GradPLUS loan until six months after the date they cease to be enrolled at least half-time. Accruing interest can either be paid by the borrower monthly or quarterly, or be capitalized quarterly. Payments on interest can be tax deductable and there are no penalties on paying off the loan early. You can visit for more information on Federal Direct GradPLUS loans and to apply. You will need to indicate the amount you would like to borrow as part of the process. You can electronically sign your application with the same PIN number you use for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) process.

Other Sources of Aid


These awards may be available through the individual graduate departments. Application procedures and eligibility requirements will vary. In addition, private scholarships may be available to students through local organizations and associations.

Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships

These awards may be available to students enrolled in specific graduate programs. Application procedures and eligibility requirements will vary. The student should contact his/her graduate program office for more information.

Professional Nurse Traineeship Grants

These grants cover the cost of tuition for full-time advanced education of professional nurses. Each appointment is for at least nine months of full-time study. Funds are subject to annual federal budget approval. Awards to individual students will vary depending on total funding and numbers of eligible students applying for funds. Information is available from the graduate office of the School of Nursing.