Tuition & Fees

2014-2015 Cost of Attendance: Graduate Students


Per Credit Per Semester
  Business $950   
  Criminal Justice $710  
  Education $762  
  Engineering $1,080  
  Hospitality Management $814  
  Human Sexuality $762  
  Liberal Studies $654  
  Nursing $912  
  Public Administration $710  
  Social Work $822


  Social Work On-line Program $750  
  Education $970  
  Human Sexuality $970  
  Nursing $946  
  PsyD $1,052  
  Social Work $924  
  Physical Therapy $784  
Doctoral-Full Time Semester  Annual
  Psychology  $14,236 $28,472
  PsyD Joint Program Fee   $832
  PsyD/HSED Joint Program Fee   $1,500
Fees    Semester
  Technology Fees    
     3 to 5 credits   $50
     6 to 8 credits   $70
     9 to 11 credits   $120
     12 and over credits   $154
     Nursing Technology Fee   $25
  New Student Fee   $25
  Late Registration Fee   $25

Depending on program requirements, there may be additional costs for field placement or other academic related expenses including joint program fees and dissertation fees.

The complete listing of all Widener University tuition charges and fees can be found in the Guide to Fees and Payment document on the bursar's office webpage in CampusCruiser

Payment Plans Available

You can spread your fall or spring semester tuition payments out over four months, and your summer semester payments over three months.

There is no interest charge, only a $50 enrollment fee per semester.