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Deposit Paid Freshman

Welcome to the Widener community as an incoming freshman!  We have listed below important next steps.

You can click on a step to jump to its instructions:

  1. View your financial aid package through your Widener Campus Cruiser account
    (*If you have not yet activated your Campus Cruiser account please complete this important step).
  2. Tuition Deposit - If you have not already done so, you can pay your tuition deposit online.
  3. Housing Application - (Resident Students Only) Once you have submitted your tuition deposit, you can complete your housing application online through your Campus Cruiser Account.
  4. Mathematics Assessment - Incoming freshman will be informed via postal mail if they have to complete the online mathematics assessment. 
  5. Summer Registration - During the Summer we ask that you choose one of six dates to visit campus to meet with your advisor and register for classes.
  6. Widener Campus ID - While on campus for Registration, you will have your picture taken for your campus ID card.
  7. Health Documentation - Don't forget to submit your health documentation prior to arriving on campus for the start of school.
  8. Advanced Placement Scores - if you have completed an Advanced Placement (AP) course while in high school please forward the official scores from the standardized AP exam to Widener's Undergraduate Admissions Office.  A list of Widener course equivalencies can be found on the admitted student web page.
  9. Paying for Widener - We provide options and suggestions for covering the balance of your tuition.  Don't hesitate to contact Student Financial Services if you have questions about these options.
  10. Final high school transcript - Please request from you school counselor to send Widener your final high school transcript.
  11. PRIDE Experience - Your Fall semester gets underway with your PRIDE Experience,more commonly know as your Freshman Orientation.
  12. Move in Day - Your last step is to move in to your dorm room!

*As a deposit paid student, please check your Widener Campus Cruiser e-mail regularly for important updates and information.