Residence Halls

So here’s the breakdown of our on-campus living arrangements.

We’ve got 11 standard residence halls, four apartment buildings, one 300-person suite complex, and a several fraternity and sorority houses.

As a first-year student, you’ll likely live in one of the Freshman Quads, located right across from Old Main and next to the University Center. These are where our nursing, honors, and engineering, science, and criminal justice Living Learning Communities are located.

Other halls include Sharples, Moll, and Kapelski, all three of which have amazing views of Memorial Field. Upperclassmen can live in Metropolitan Hall, our newest and largest residence hall, or in the Widener Courts or Dixon north and south apartment buildings across the street from Wolfgram Memorial Library.

If you join a sorority, you can live in what are arguably the coolest houses on campus. There’s even talk that the Castle and the Manor — the historic houses at 14th and Potter streets that serve as home to Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Sigma Sigma, respectively — are a little haunted. You’ll have to see for yourself.

If you have any questions, the Office of Residence Life has the answers. Contact them either by phone or email.

Please Note: The university is currently in the process of furnishing all rooms with extra-long mattresses. Even if your freshman year room comes with a standard-sized mattress, students are advised when purchasing bedding to buy extra-long twin sheets so that they can be used in following years.

Residence Halls

Hall Floor Space Windows A/C Carpets Lighting Bed
Boettner 11'7" x 17'6" 5'8" x 3'6" Y N Y* XL
Cann 11'8" x 11'8" 4'3" x 3'2" N N N XL
Grasselli 11'10" x 12'3" 4'4" x 3'1" Y Y Y XL
Hanna 12'3" x 12'0" 4'3" x 3'2" N N Y XL
Howell 11'9" x 11'8" 4'3" x 3'2" N N Y XL
Kapelski 17'7 x 11'8" 5'8" x 4'0" Y N N XL
Moll 17'7" x 11'8" 5'8" x 4'0" Y N N ST
New 11'7" x 17'6" 5'8" x 3'6" Y N Y XL
Sharples 15'8" x 11'2" 6'0" x 4'0" Y N Y* XL
Thayer 11'10" x 12'3" 4'4" x 3'1" Y N Y XL
Turrell 11'8" x 11'8" 4'3" x 3'2" N N Y XL
Dixon 11' x 18'10" 18'10" x 9'4" Y N Y ST
Metropolitan Varies Varies Y N Y XL
Widener Courts 15'5" x 17'10" 12'2" x 13'11" Y Y*** N** ST

*The light source is on the wall and not overhead lighting.

**There is lighting in the bedroom, but not in the living room.

***There are carpets in the bedrooms.