Grasselli Hall


Grasselli Hall is part of the first year quad area; it opened in 1964 and is located at the corner of 14th street and Melrose Avenue. Approximately 100 students live in the co-ed building, which features double rooms, community bathrooms and laundry facilities. The air-conditioned building also features a main lounge with a vending area on the main floor.

Rooms are furnished with two single beds, two desks, two chairs, one dresser, and two armoires Each room also comes equipped with two Ethernet ports, a cable jack and wireless internet.

Room Details

  • Approximate room dimensions are 11'10" x 12'3"
  • Window dimensions are 4'4" x 3'1"
  • Carpeted floors with overhead lighting

Furniture and room layout may vary.

Grasselli Hall

About Caesar Grasselli


Caesar Augustin Grasselli II was born on February 17, 1901 in Cleveland, Ohio. His great- grandfather founded Grasselli Chemical Company of Ohio, which became a duPont subsidiary in 1928, and his father was vice president of E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company. Grasselli graduated from Cornell University in 1924 with a degree in chemistry and economics.

From January 1925- December 1929, Grasselli worked for Grasselli Chemical Company. In 1930 he was transferred to Wilmington, DE, to work as technical investigator for the duPont Development Department. In January 1936, Grasselli was sent to London as Assistant European Manager of duPont, and was promoted to European Manager. Grasselli returned Wilmington in December 1939 and was called to active duty in May 1942. Grasselli went to England to serve as U.S. Liaison Officer for the invasion of North Africa in the British First Army, retaining the rank of Major. In March 1945, Grasselli was transferred to the U.S. Planning Group for Austria in Caserta, Italy and in May 1945, he went to Vienna as the Deputy Director of the Economics Division of U.S. Forces- Austria. One year later, after 43 months of service, Grasselli was discharged with the rank of Colonel, and he returned to the duPont International Department. While serving, he was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 1944, and the U.S. Legion of Merit in 1945. Grasselli has the distinction of having served under British command longer than any other American military officer.

Grasselli worked as the manager of Government Contacts Division of the duPont Company's International Department until his retirement on June 30, 1955. He served as a trustee of the Wilmington Medical Center and the Mental Health Association of Delaware, the director of the Delaware Selective Service Board and the University of Delaware Research Foundation. Grasselli was a member of the Board of Trustees at PMC for approximately 20 years, providing leadership on academic committees and building programs. He was Chairman of the President's Council, and also served as a trustee of the Delaware Law School. On February 23, 1967, the Alumni Association presented Grasselli with the R. Kelso Carter Award, its highest honor for a non- graduate. He received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from PMC Colleges on June 10, 1969.